Did vhard right now, found 2 DOUBLE SABERS with no % in the mines, 1 PARASITIC WEAR: DE ROL at the 2nd boss and 1 God TP at the ruins (rarelly i find this god unit)
less then 1 million to reach the top lvl……
Made some research to see what weapons should i hunt when exp is no longer needed
DURANDAL—hard—grass assassin—1/1171 (a bit rare but not impossible)
S-BEAT’S ARMS—hard—sinow beat—1/187
PROTO REGEN GEAR—hard—canadine—1/1469 (a bit rare also, but since the criature is common,it will be easier to find)
LIGHT RELIEF—normal—dark gunner—1/1138 (too bat it is on normal difficulty)
DELSABER’S RIGHT ARM—normal/hard—delsaber—1/183
also maybe some agitos…..but i need to see wich ones do i already own.