Ultimate forest,caves and mines, found a SUBMIIT MOON and a RED HANDGUN, both with crap %, but i can play PSO Ver.2 again
I still need a run in vhard or so so that my skill return to wht it should be.
AND my dreamcast has a new problem, seems to be a poor connection somewhere in the console, sometimes when it reads the game, the television stops showing the game and i need to restart the console, the strange fact is that the console is on all the time, but something fails inside, gave it a few slaps and it seems that the problem is over for now.
ok, did ultimate ruins, found a 35% machine IMPERIAL PICK, teked it to 45%, it has a litle more atack power then my RED SWORD 25%, but not by much, but the ata will make for sure a big diference.
Also no 2nd controler for now, so no pics to show……..hope i can find a new controler.