so i was about to record at 60 hz my gameplay, in ruins 1 room the dreamcast makes a reset, these resets strangely i couldn’t fix them and beleive me, my console has had this problem 2 or 3 times since it’s in my posesion so i know what i was doing but the console refused to maintain stable.
i open the console, i push the pins to make sure they receive power, however when i make a test with the dreamcast on, it has no signal and the main led was off, checked all the conections the led was okay, so why was it off? i really don’t know, but when i slaped the dreamcast on the side, the led turned on, but i kept getting no signal, if fact the dreamcast was not even reading the disk, or even trying and the image on my computer was pure black.
i decided to check the side with the power tranformator/convertor, i tried to check it it was okay since the led light was shaking alot especially when i touched the left side, the problem was there but i didn’t know the exact location of it.
by mistake i used a metal piece to check some stuff, the dreamcast was on and it made a short circuit, after that the dreamcast died.

with this i may never use my humar ever again, even if i get a new dreamcast it won’t work since the game has a protection the file will apear damaged or corrupted

in worst of options my char has died forever today, it will never kill a booma ever again

currently i will try and get a new power converter, with luck that was the only piece destroyed and since it’s not under anything then it’s easy to take it off and replace it by a new one……until then bye pso.