Well, my dreamcast still had problems, so i switched to the new one, reseted the memory and made my humar work on it.
I now have a PAL pso ver.2 and i can finnaly go online, not only that but i can access more then one server, schthack has a nice population but let’s face it, most of the ver.2 players suck and the ones you think are legit aren’t in reality, but sometimes luck can apear, recently made a trade with a schthack player and got a red handgun with 55% native, that’s like the best red handgun for forest, to complement that i also found a 55% a.beast imperial pick, you don’t even want to know the damage on the 2nd boss.
Strangely i also tried to play on chankast emulator using the pal disk and my save didn’t work, however, my humar char save was enable, this was wonderfull, it’s a really old save, so old i’m not even lvl 200, i did take some snaphots and i already did 2 areas in ultimate to take pics, maybe later i will upload them.
I got recenty banned from schthack forums, don’t ask me for a reason, not even the mods can actually give an awser on that, they simply banned me, this is just one of the many situations in why schthack moderation fails, yet, they don’t like it when we complain somewhere else, well, i have that right, after all gaining a ban wich was equivalent to 7 warnings wasn’t fair, especially when the mod itself couldn’t explain to the other mods why was i banned, can someone say "fail"?
I got promoted to GM status on dreamcast talk servers, it may not seem, but the connection faq and the community is FAR better then schthack and for once i can play quests and join public games without even worrying about hacks such as resist mods or modified quest items.
In anycase, happy 2009, i will be online casually at dreamcast talk and schthack servers to play the game.
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