Well, apart from the usual rares and gameplay there are 2 things that PSO players should know.
1st is that i have compiled a cheaters list that includes the ppl that hack at scthack, it’s really usefull since when they enter you can say for them to turn 180º and leave.
The list is constantly beeing updated and even other plyers are giving a contribution.
However, no matter how big the list is, remember that making a full team of legits is possible, but that is also rare.
2nd, Congrats to Valkirie! as he is the 2nd fully legit lvl 200 player that plays on schthack, he reached the final level not long ago and that’s a fine achievement, all the other lvl 200 around are hacked and mostly indicate that the player is a noob.
3rd, thanks to 2 sucessfull trades i have upgraded my gear again, a red handgun with 50% a.beast will replace my old one with 40%, i won’t be killing faster but it helps, another piece of equipement is a sense plate with 4 slots, it has better stats then my old one and 1 more slot, with this i now equiped the unit state maintenance.
Now my HUmar can see traps and heal all status effects, it’s quite nice considering a humar is a human char, this makes the tech anti only usefull in teamplay.