Well, i uploaded 3 new videos since the last one:
Lvl 30 techs demonstration, this one was a request from Cranberry and thanks to the help of Gunbladed then the video was done.
Central dome fire swirl, this one has the best moments, this quest is actually fun, to bad the video is so long but it’s the best i can do.
Official dreamcast PSO trailler, this is not true HD but looks quite nice, i must say i like the camera movements and the fact we can see how PSO was like when it was being promoted.
The communities i have come across:
Ragol.co.uk – amazing community when i joined, i loved it and i still do, the population is alot lower then before but we try to do our best in it, i do recomend it, good moderation and the coolest admin i ever saw.
PSO-world.com – i don’t know much about this place, i just use it to clear some doubts to old PSO player and to discuss PSO stuff, i say it’s average, the moderation seems okay but it could have been better, either way it’s an excelent place to hang around.
Azure PSO – this place can be used to discuss anything that comes to your mind, even things that aren’t alowed in other forums like "PSO drama", the forum is quite small as a guest, but when you become a member then you see that there is alot more to explore.
Community is unbalanced but good for discussing any subject, some staff members of schthack server even come to clear situations, to give opinions or to know what is happening in the forum they administrate. I recomend this if you like to know more about PSO and the ppl that play it, it’s a complement and not exactly the place to begin when we talk about PSO
Schthack – by far the worst community, has a great population so my advice is to use the server and use the forum for what’s strictly necessary (trades, updates,…), the more you use the forum the faster you will become aware of why i say it’s the worst community, i mean, the members can be great, average and bad, most of the bad members are tied with the moderation, so the less contact with the moderation the less chance you have of beeing deceptioned, however some ppl of the moderation are great to talk with.
One of the flaws is that each person of the staff thinks for himself, so from time to time you will see one mod organizing the forum and the other undo what the other did, they don’t know what to do because they don’t discuss it before, only after. Even when a new admin is assigned the others never know why or when it happened.
Another flaw is that the moderation is motivated by hate and greed, rules are a farse, if you get problems with one mod then expect the worst.
The final flaw is suport, i think this one is one of the worst, they suport members differently, depending on the mood, the subject or the version you play, then you will have a different kind of help.
Dreamcast suport for example is incomplete and tricky, some ppl prefer making publicity to products that aren’t what ppl need then to show all the possibilities and let the person decide what to do, if you see they complain that the population is low then just ignore because it’s they’re own fault.
So if you play dreamcast pso, if you think they do alot to atract ppl to the game then think again, they do exactly the oposite and that’s why ppl move to DC-TALK
DC-Talk – This community is great, with a good and fair moderation wich i personaly like, they hold a server that all players enjoy and in the end even if organizing a game is the indication of a low population then do not worry, most players here are legit, quests remain the same and there are ppl that actually like to help out.
Suport is Excelent, i can’t say it better, the connection guide to the server is the most complete i have seen, with links to software and showing the several ways you can connect, even if there are problems then the forum members help out.
Since it’s a dreamcast orientated forum then you will many things concerning with downloads and tools for that console, games, modified games, fixed games, it’s great.
If you are a DC fan then i will recomend this for sure, this site is also recomended by http://top100.sega-dc.de/.
These are the ones i mostly hang out, there are plenty more out there, if you see one you like, don’t be afraid to tell me 😛