For awhile i have tought about this and thanks to elements created by gallade, kra and smith i am going to have a very custom PSO Disk.


Features will be:

  • File swap so that ultimate ending pictures are no longer red ring rico but the uraending instead, i always wanted to atually see these pictures while playing.
  • Autoconnect to DC-talk (just in case i come online :P)
  • Model swap, meaning the nurse, secretary and guild lady will be the ones in PSO BB as they look better 
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • HUD modification
    Hud story:
    v1 – 1st release
    v2 – hud width has been decreased, small tweaks regarding edges on status hud so that they don’t become near the numbers
    v3 – 1 tweak regarding the edges in the status hud
    v4 – ep3 colors aplied, new map hud updated, graphical problems apear
    v5 – graphical problems solved, transparency lost on few textures (will be fixed), status hud width has increased by 1 pixel
    v6 – Transparency re-added, status hud width inceased by 1 pixel, radar pointer becomes more visible
    Hud screen 1 (v6)
    Hud screen 2 (v6)
  • Fast load or not the game must contain all intro movies.
  • No hacks or mods that affect gameplay (sega legit gameplay)  
Gallade is making the hud and i’m giving him the right instructions so that he actually makes something that doesn’t look adapted to ver.2
There were 2 huds that i could have used, a transparent pso ver.2 one and the blueburst one, but both have problems wich were never fixed and so altought the ideas were great the output didn’t satisfied me.
The HUD will be the one in PSU (phantasy star universe) with blue and aquamarine blue (reference to ep3)
Once it’s finished the final edit will be made on a dreamcast file and then given to smith for the final file compilation.
I don’t know if anyone likes the hud like i do or you find the file swap an interesting thing, but in the end since this is a personal disk, smith can freely release it for everyone.