Well, let’s start, i joined 2 communities recently regarding PSO Blue Burst, each one refers to a Server.
Ultima – A nice enviroment, many ppl speak spanish and altough the populations isn’t as high as in schthack server it seems to be growing constantly, the amount of updates and events is really nice, they also have a miminum 3x exp for everyone, they also restore lost equips and are more helpfull, you can also report players in the forum or even appeal your own ban.
It’s a recomended place no doubt.
EDEN – It’s basicly the same as Ultima, but this one alows transfers, you can pick a char and items from another server and they will recreate them in this server, easy to use forum, 5x exp, lot’s of new commands (Ultima has them also) like to check material usage, kill count, npc change,…..
Population is really low, but lately and since schthack server doesn’t please everyone then this server and the transfers has made many ppl play here, it’s a really fun enviroment with a great community.
Since i hang alot in lobby 1 i decided to gather a few textures from another user and from other lobbies, creating a new one where blue and cyan colors are visible.
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cyan lights + lobby 10 illumination + bigger res pics of space + lobby 5 objects (aquariums):
Now For the new stuff on the spaces, The music played is from radio sega, atleast that will play for more then 2 weeks and i included a new album with many new pictures, if you happen to like any of them then i have the pics with 1600×1200 resolution ready for you, not only that but they have optimal quality regarding antialising, ansitropic filter and more.
I also used some neat camera angles, removed the char and the hud so that the only thing you see is the cenario, custom request can be made.
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For a long time i have been reading posts on schthack and it seems they like to help dreamcast players to connect there right, afterall it’s a small comunity, any extra members are good, well, this is not true and i want to clear this even if it’s just here, i can’t let such atrocities to be said without someone saying it’s false.
The topic was a simple member requesting help regarding a friend, could  he use a autoconnect disk to connect to schthack via dial up?
Well, the answer is yes, the game won’t connect to sega server anymore, it will connect to schthack, but unfortunatly a member decided to bash this achievement by saying the folowing:
The only way I could make my disc auto-connect would be to steal their executables, assuming I’d even want to do such a thing and they didn’t tamper with them in some way. lol @ auto connect disc that VK’s you at 1,000 hours. :lol:

This obviously raises some doubts about the autoconnect, it’s the 1st time me or anyone actually reads this, but the moderator keeps this up

I’m saying that “auto connect” disc was made by a group of European “hackers”, supposedly one of them being named MAG’94 and being Russian. They will not release the tools they used or describe the methods they used to make it auto connect. Nobody else has a DC Dev Kit with which to decompress the executable and see what they did, so you really have no idea if all the changes they made were benevolent. If they wanted, they could have altered that disc with some kind of harmful side effects, because they won’t tell anyone how the process works so we can see for ourselves. As such, it’s debateable as to whether I would even want to rip-off their disc to make mine auto connect, seeing as I would put my disc under the influence of their “special” exe as a result.”

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This is not the truth, this can be proved by me, the creators or any player, the reason this member said this was simply to bash this disk and make ppl use his disk instead, not only it contains not original content such as mods and cheats but it isn’t autoconnect, i suported the autoconnect disk from the beguining, i went online with it, everyone was happy, but this moderator wasn’t, it made his disk almost obsolete (some ppl like to play with mods) and so this was the oportunity to start his revenge.
This raises a few questions like how can a moderator say that? how can administration let this?,………
For this i don’t have answers, but remember that we are talking about schthack server and forum, so we can’t expect much now can we?
90% of the moderators accept incoditionally this lie, meaning 90% of the moderators don’t know shit regarding this situation, one was even stupid enough to defend this lie wich made me completely go “WTF”, the remaining 10% doesn’t want to do anything as they are afraid or not in the mood to care about it.
Beeing so autoconnect features wich exist in all disks at DC-Talk do not affect the char or the memory card