Let’s begin with the disk, unfortunatly out of the 4 files that were suposed to be in the disk, 2 have failed.
With the new models the problem escapes me, the game doesn’t work and i don’t know why, with the new hud only the map file worked, the main hud works on a emulator fine, but on a real dreamcast doesn’t.
With this the new disk won’t be released, anyone can ask me for the files to check them out but only when the creator releases the hud for PC (if he releases it)
Created 2 lobby skins that replace the lobby 1, since some ppl reading this aren’t registered at DC-Talk then i’ll post here the screens and the download link.
Go to “SEGAPhantasyStarOnlineMediaPSOSCENE” and replace the map_lobby_red00.pvm file, backup your original one just in case.
1st lobby is a lighter version of lobby 1, features the same textures but with white and blue colors, very simple and light.

2nd lobby is a ruins version, this one i am still doing it (started yesterday), it’s heavier regarding the detail and it will be much darker compared with the original.

I am also thinking in making a forest style lobby.