Very recently i noticed that the website was suspended, i found this unusual but tought it was a problem with the host.
The website is one of the most famous for Phantasy star online resources and guides, the community is also one of the best i have seen around, unfortunatly the lack of updates and posts on the forum has made the website very poor over time, however i still try to support it in the best way i can.
Since the website was down for way to long i questioned the host, after some clarification it seems jelsoft could not find a valid licence for the vbulletin software used on the forum, they complained to the host and the host asked via email for a solution during a time period, with no response they decided not only to take down the forum, but the entire website.
Only the admin Lee-Yoshi can clarify the situation, so if you have a way to contact him, if you have a email i don’t have or if you have a instant messaging contact then please either contact the admin or me with that info.
The admin has been away for a long time, but leaving the website with no advert to the members sounds strange, especially for the ppl that had spoken to him.
I seriously hope this matter can be solved, many movies, material and some unique guides are there in the forum and in the website, if they are lost then it will be a heavy loss to all phantasy star online players.