For those who noticed is back, the admin was just away and didn’t get the memo from the host, but now everything is back exept for the forums.
The admin asked my opinion about the forum, if it was active or if there was a reason to keep it up, i gave my honest opinion and so the forum may not apear again, however do not be alarmed as i think any content on the forum can be remade by the people that created it in the 1st place, the admin will have the final decision so i don’t know if it will be down forever.
My youtube channel received a new makeover, thanks to a window image taken from a pso ver.2 hud skin i decided to use it and change the background to fit the desing of youtube channel.
It’s a mixture of PSU with pso ep3 colors, i also added a nice background image wich i will change ocasionally, if you are curious to see how it looks like then take a look kere:
I saw from another user that there was a website that had these backgrounds, many costed money but they had a few that were free, so i took one and used it as base to check for dimensions and positioning, after a few tries i got what i wanted and i think it couldn’t be better.