Well, i have been seeing the message "comming soon" for a few days but i didn’t know what was the admin up to.
It seems the admin decided to reopen the forums (wich is a suprise, atleast for me)
So regarding myself, my tradelist is once again avaiable, the high quality screenshots are also avaiable and everything else on ragol forums is back.
Recently i have been online at schthack server, it’s true, the GC population is lower then before and DC population is basicly filled with illegit players and fake legits.
This is unusual because altought the population was lower before, it certanly had a few random legit players, now it’s near impossible.
This also gives me an oportunity to updade my list regarding who doesn’t play legit, however this is just for me, incase i come online i already know what kind of gameplay a certain person has, so it’s easier for me to see if the player can be given the reason of doubt, if the gameplay can adapt to mine or if the current game is unplayable.
Also, only the legits players can trade with me, so basicly it helps me to choose who not to trade with.
Dreamcast talk just had a recent topic about the pso server software, Bluecrab the creator of the sylvarant server software came in and corretly accused DC-talk of using the open source without giving the proper credits.
I did find a reference to sylvarant on the server lobby counter but bluecrab was correct, no mention of his name was anywhere on dc-talk.
Do not be alarmed, the admin instantly took care of the situation and corrected any issue regarding sylvarant and bluecrab and in the future we may see some sort of partnership.