Soon on DC-Talk (and other server using sylvarant) there will exist an oportunity to add a verification file wich will be aplied as soon this command is entered ingame.
As some players know, sometimes when creating a game we need to ensure ppl play the way we want, this usually translates in hacked games or legit games, however some ppl don’t know the meaning and enter anyway and then either complain about legits or about the ppl that are hacking (yes, it goes both ways) so to help newbies out i decided with my own time to help Bluecrab with this.
It’s far from beeing perfect and it’s impossible to make it perfect, but for now it has lot’s and lot’s of conditions for many items, if bluecrab decides to improve the checker then i will add even more conditions to the existing items and i will include more items, for now the item checker is very limited.
Made a topic at DC-Talk about it, any questions or future problems may need to be reported to either bluecrab or myself.
Made a new PSO movie, my intention is not to show my gameplay (wich is rather boring), my intention is to show the gameplay on DC-Talk players, it’s odd but more ppl keep joining these servers, to a point where i randomly connect and i see someone playing, atm there isn’t the need for game arranging since most players know when others will connect.
Found a new PSO server, founded by the XBR clan leaders, now they have a ship that can be accessed on schthack ship gate or by entering the ip address on ip patch, for those that have trouble cheating or don’t have the tools to obtain hacked stuff, then try asking the players here, they may help you on that.
It’s nice i guess, the organization on schthack is terrible, legit players enter hacked games and hackers enter legit games, atleast on this xbr ship there are plenty of GMs that will try to maintain the the gameplay at a respectfull level.
Check them out here