Every time i get more options the better this command becomes, after some extraordinary work by bluecrab the inventory scan has now the ability to detect even more illegit items.
There is a quest on a server that gives out modified items such as random stats blue ring, mags with pbs and weapons with higher %, i can now say all of those will be detected as hacked stuff (because they are).
Regarding a quest that gives the user the ability to upgrade armor, weapons and units, i can now say that most of those will be detected in the near future, not because the conditions were made specificly for it, but because i added some verifications to determine when the item is hacked, fortunatly the items upgraded fall under that category.
There is however a concern, modified drop rates disks, since the only thing that changes are the drop rates then the game still drops items with normal stats, however i have been looking at this disk and all the modifications and found certain things that will be detected by the scanner.
No matter what you use there is always a flaw that will indicate the user has been using illegit gear or playing illegit
The scanner get’s better everytime no doubt
However bluecrab may need help regarding a possible GC inventory scan, i tried 2 forums, did several attempts and the best i got was topics deleted, no responses as to why and even banned under the pretext i was starting a legit debate.
This must be the same as to saying to other players that a certain player is illegit, according to schthack rules, that’s harrassment, i can’t say it to others without bothering the illegit player, so in this case making a topic with the legit word will be a clear violation of the rules, because it’s the same as starting a legit war.
As stupid as this may seen it’s the truth, especially when all i ask if for some help.
But i may post this on pso-world and this time i will make sure mods will protect the topic instead of deleting it.
If i do get help, then i hope it’s good, making a inventory scanner for everyone to use means it must be accurate.
So i hate how the mines look, let’s put some cyan in it 😛
I’m also making under request a froozen mines based on the cyan one, takes time but it’s looking good.

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