So, i believe there are 5 huds for pso ver.2 pc, one is the original that comes with the game, 2 are not avaiable to the public (only i have them) and the other 2 are not something we can call new, since one is basicly a port of the GC/XBOX/BB one and the other one is the same as the original but with transparency.

Both the last ones contain certain problems, especially the GC one, so i decided to make one avaiable to the public that is completely new.

Since it’s new and i have no idea on the final result, it might take a while, changes will be done even to already completed elements.



v0.1 – Started main window, it will be made with bright lines on top and bottom with a transparent area in the middle

v0.1.1 – Added new elements, upgraded the main window, still needs some work

v0.1.2 – modified the new elements such as buttons, added gradients, details, glow, changed the color,…..

Status icons were changed, they are no longer inside a frame, it’s just the icon now.


v0.1.3 – added new elements such as “can’t equip” cross, the “special weapon” question mark and several others, i also ajusted some images positions.

While testing, i found something that i haven’t calculated when i was making the status conditions, since they are all light blue with blue glow then shifta and deband are exactly the same, there is no color to tell them apart , same for zalure and jellen on enemies, i might change this.

v0.2 – added the remaining elements, ajusted the dialog window (altough it looks the same) i also aplied the dialog window to the shop/ship window (meaning they are the same), fixed some textures, final organization of the elements.

I may review some stuff, for now here’s how it looks:

v0.2.1 – started another part of the hud, changed the gem, the arrows, some text, some simbols (mail, search, GC), the hp and tp bar seem to have several problems, being so i will leave them with no gradient of any kind, the shape will also remain the same.

I also noticed that a transparent window will give problems regarding mag pbs, pso does not erase the window of the mag stats, being so when we bring the pbs info it will be on top, since the window opacity is at 30 or 40% then reading the text can be difficult, i have no ideas on how to overcome this, fortunatly it’s rare for ppl to use this feature.

v0.2.2 – Altered the status effects on the previous texture and changed a litle the phonton blast display, added the GC, mail and search icons (this might change)

v0.2.3 – Started the word select, transparency might change, but for now it looks clean, simple and remains related to the entire hud

v0.2.4 – started status hud, decided to use gallade hud shape and made a few tweaks, made the work easier since it already had the right dimensions, added a few leftovers

v0.3 – started the 3rd image containing the textures, nothing really fancy, basicly just color and transparency change, still needs the multiplayer status textures done, i’ll get on it soon.

v0.3.1 – added the remaining element, good enough for more screens

v0.4 – action pallete “a” and “b” completed, added some insignificant tranparency and changed item color (now items are not always green, fluids are light blue, antiparalisis is orange,…..)

v1.0 – modified some elements in many textures, fixed many compression bugs, fixed a PSO v2 pc bug by making some textures smaller (this way they aren’t picked up by other textures), i modified the map pointer and frame, modified the tranparency of the main window (now at 50%).

These are the final screenshots, i’m sorry about the lack of anti alising, can’t get it to work for some odd reason.

v1.1 – Modified the tranparency and color of the health background on the mini hud (used when more then 1 player is in the team), added some glow on the PB bar (cuts down the sharp edges) and the main window glow is no longer the same color as the frame, it’s now blue.

They are minimal changes. I just like updating these small details

v1.2 – Changed the main window frame color and aspect, i also modified the item rating system, instead of stars i now use circular lighs

v1.3 – Changed the PB bar, now only 3 small hexagons fill with the PB, Player gem is no longer a simple hexagon, now it’s 3 smaller hexagons altogether

The idea was taken from a picture i saw, credits to Eve~ at schthack forums for the original idea.

v1.4 – Many changes were done, health bar is no longer a solid color, now it has a glass effect, arrows have been changed, they are now smaller and have glow, removed a grey hexagon from the default texture, selected item on customize is now 3 arrows, techs background and pallete have changed, fixed a bug (ctrl button texture does not apear on another texture), texture used when selecting options is no longer a hexagon shape, it’s now a circular light, finally 2 textures files are now in pvr format, they no longer suffer from compression problems caused by .dds, that’s basicly the reason why a glass effect was added to the health bars.
I did my best to maintain the colors while using .pvr, the format is not as friendly as a .dds

All images below and above may not be the final product


The folowing images are outdated, but they give you a nice idea of what changes were done.