When i 1st started to make the verification file, i had 2 goals, to detect as many hacks as possible without having to many false positives, however, i saw a topic at schthack forum that suprised me.
It consisted on an event with prizes, at 1st, there was nothing much, then the prizes grew to lvl 2 and lvl 3, i noticed instantly that altough my verification can detect common hacked items, it simply failed when checking for items similar to the ones on this topic, i wasn’t worried afterall, it’s only a few items….but then the topic evolved into a ver.2 hacked items givaway, many obvious hacked items had been added and my verification fails.

The problem here is that altough the verification can detect some pretty hard to find illegit items, it failed on a very simple thing.
Of all the items mentioned, 26% of them could be detected by simply using normal game paramethers verifications, after gathering some info from the topic creator, i got to know that many items would be detected, this raised the success to 45%, still this didn’t included the hacked items that could bee seen in plain sight.
With this, i asked Bluecrab (sylvarant software admin) to add a extra verification that should be applied to all weapons, if implemented then 58% of the items will be detected as hacks, it’s true that many still escape the scanner and there isn’t any chance that they could be detected without increasing drasticly the odds of false positives.

It’s not a huge improvement, but will increase the detection rate without any side problems.
It was never implemented because it doesn’t fit into the category of common hacked stuff, the event items needed to be tagged somehow, it’s unusual for ppl to make such irregular weapon %, but incase it happens, then the command will be able to detect these event/hacked items


I also take the oportunity to tell that soon the XBR clan will possibly be moving to the sylvarant software, while the previous software was easy to use, it has flaws, bugs and exploits, so moving to the new software might be better, it’s true that installing might take some work, but the possibilities and control are endless, also with constant updates being done it’s surely a nice move by the clan


New video with the cyan hud and the cyan mines stuff, enjoy.