As predicted, Vega from the website dreamcast talk is now integrated as one of the sylvarant ships, this along side with 2 other ships make sylvarant  the point where eventually all pso players will play (atleast v2), heck, even the XBR clan will play there.

Tired for the lack of updates, for not beeing able to play, for not wanting to play on other servers, some schtserv players have moved to a ship on sylverant named Altimira, this ship contains all uptates from the main ship Iselia but has it’s own rules, one of them beeing the more permissive legit command so that they can not only tag the games, but also alow some cheating from mods/trainers/patches/disks.
Both Iselia and Vega run the default legit command, meaning sylverant not only enables dc-talk users to connect there without any change in the autoconnect disk, it also alows a different gameplay by simply changing ships.

I don’t know how will schthack solve this after the main server is back online, but as far as i can read, the intentions is to make the ship on sylverant a permanent home for those who played on schthack, leaving PSO BB as the main source for income and players.
Regarding PSO on the GC i have no info, while sylverant supports GC players, i never saw many (yet), however some players do know the server exist.

Sylverant admin and Dreamcast talk moderation do care about players, so revisions and updates will be made constantly, quests will be added and extra features will be possibly implemented in the future

If this isn’t the best enviroment for PSO players, then i don’t know what is.