Vega valentines

Well, i start with this, while it’s no big deal, i believe it should be mentioned, Vega ship has enabled the valentines event and it will end on 20 February, since i found unfair for some users that lobby events could not be applied, then i did this skin in 1 hour or so.
So for those looking for a different lobby for PSO Ver.2 PC (for this ocasion), then download the file below, just make sure to backup the stuff before you install the files.




In other news, the /legit command has been updated to detect items with irregular %, normally items like these are seen in events, it’s like a tag to identify the homemade item, not many ppl make random % items, they usually go for the top values, but like i noticed earlier in an event, there have been lot’s of hacked items in a specific event, so if there is a chance we can prevent them from reaching a legit game then it’s good right?
This is done because many players are not honest, they never mention the extent of the cheating stuff they use, this is due to the fact they fear getting rejected, since this makes the player leave the game they usually try to ommit these little things just to able to use them in a team game.


It’s true, game violations do not exist atm in Vega, but in case something does happen, then there will  be ppl around to support the players in any way.
Very recently i regained my GM status, i had lost it long ago because the server was beeing atacked in every direction by a person with bad intentions, several servers, the forum and the website had been atacked, situation got solved quickly but things were never the same, right now things are better and some ppl even requested that i should have been a GM, after a few days i asked for the position.
Now when i play, if there is something that needs to be done, i do it, i no longer require the fail that is schtserv moderation, i simply do it.
I do hope i will never need it to take action on players.