Merely to say that Vega ship on sylverant has enabled easter, i had the idea of making a white and blue lobby, but there is already one so with lack of ideas i decided not to do anything for pc users.
However, i asked Kra over at univers-ps.com to port over the egg rappies, just like the halloween rappy, the egg rappy is now avaiable, one way is to download the bml files and then import them, or you can simply use the files i’m using now.

Happy easter.

Rappy download, the folowing zip contains 3 files in wich you must place in  ……\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline\Media\PSO

To make it more friendly, i made the changes myself, this way you don’t need to download any programs and do the changes yourself, this is a simple drag and replace.
Please backup the files so that you can revert later or undo the changes.
This will replace Rag rappy and El rappy by an egg rappy, drops will not change and stats remain the same, this is simply a visual change.
Credits go to Kra for the work.