Vega2 cópia

This skin is somehow a clone of the PSO ep3 online lobby, meaning this lobby has some textures that belong to that ep3 lobby.
I modified a few textures, added new textures, some of them created by me and i tried to make as similar as possible as the ep3 lobby.
I added a vega lobby 1 text to the lobby, you are free to change it i guess (by swaping the texture), but since no one has complained then i decided to keep it.
That text does not change even when changing ships.

2 files are contained in the zip, both are required so please backup your old files, i say this because some lobby skins do not have 1 of the files, so if by any chance you decide to revert back but you only replace the lobby textures then the illumination will remain the same and will not match the one you had before.

To install simply replace the files located in:


pso 2011-05-04 15-56-14-92





I have been in the last few weeks, uploading high resolution screens of PSO BB, this is one of the reasons why i played BB and thanks to the tools developed (such as trainers and programs to remove the hud) i decided to take some screens, it’s true that my graphic board isn’t the best, but it’s still enough for me to play decently and take these screenshots, i even remember one moderator at schthack forum removing  my pics because he tought they were photoshoped, fail moderation asside, some of the pics will be uploaded on deviant art, obviously when you see 1 or 2 pics about a certain area then it means that i have taken atleast 3 or 4, but i’m not in the mood to upload all the pics, instead i’ll just upload the best pictures.
The pictures are also at and at dc-talk forums
My deviant art page:

You may find out that i used many hacks to get what was needed and in fact that was true,  i actually gained permission to hack on both ultima and eden to take the pics, obviously i could not use them to gain advantage ingame, but that was made pretty clear when i asked permission, eden moderators even gave me some help so i could get some screens.
While some images are easy to make, others need many tools, take the dark falz ring arena (3rd form), how would you get there? would you bypass the walls? would you walk to the arena? how long would you do that? how would you avoid the boss? how would you get above the arena? how would you look down? how would you remove the char?
This required many trainers and hacks, i never found a trainer that did it all, so i used as many as i could and i even used a eden gm only trainer (no i won’t give it :P) to help me raise a char for ultimate (for the ultimate areas/bosses screenshots)
Atm, i fear the hacks do not work anymore, but i don’t need them, i already took to many screenshots, hope you enjoy them.
If you have fantastic screens, if you can take better screens then me or if you are a god at photoshop (XD) then by all means send me a message, i would apreciate having such images
Here’s 1 screen of the dark falz arena, there are plenty more at deviant art.