As you may know, schtserv removed the specific ship for v1 and v2, despite all ships alowing all players to play v1&v2, it certainly becomes confusing on the shipgate. Schthack was indeed a good server because it supported so many different platforms, but the lack of interest, updates and players, then many moved to sylverant.
The connect guides avaiable for v2, the autoconnect disks, the stability of the server, the commands, the players, the moderation,…..make sylverant far ahead regarding schtserv software.
DC-Talk players and a few other communities are now at sylverant, schthserv may apear 1st in search results, but that doesn’t help when you can’t connect, when you can’t see any new quests or when you can’t see players to play with you.

So while schtserv neglets v1&v2, sylverant gathers the players and gives them more reasons to play the game online.

Regarding ep1&2 for gamecube, the server might be okay, still izakaya beats the numbers of players by a huge amount, they added some sort of graph mentioning the number of players online and if the data is correct izakaya has 10x more players then schtserv, obviously most are japanese.

Blue Burst is the life savior, makes income for the server, altough i have noticed that there are lot’s of problems regarding the downloads, the fact that no important events are made and that bugs are not fixed.
Despite beeing numerous topics about bugs, i hardly see them fixed, basicly because they don’t care, you’re playing, possibly paying, yet no one will help you when some random item is gone forever.
Other servers keep making quests, they make rollbacks, they add commands (instead of making trainers),…..

So, in the end schtserv has popularity, only cares about income, other servers in some aspects do alot better and regarding sylverant, it’s an excelent place to play PSO v1 for the dreamcast or PSO v2 for dreamcast and pc, i really doubt there is an aspect where schtserv is better regarding v1&v2, there’s just no reason to play the old pso there, it’s an obsolete server.
If they care about pso bb or pso on the gc, then they have to do something, otherwise, more players will come to ultima, eden, izakaya and sylverant 😀
I have seen some GCubers lurking around, still alot more are necessary to make the ships active, who knows, maybe the ones from izakaya will come in the future.


I have been in the last few days updating my hud, especially knowing why .dds textures have problems and why .pvr is better.
Took me some time but some parts of my hud got updated to pvr format, meaning they have increased quality (no compression artifacts), i must say pvr textures are alot harder to manage, doing a dds skin is way easier, what you see is what you get, on a pvr you have to do everything, including the alpha layer and an opaque base, if you’re not using an opaque base texture, then expect some problems, fixing this issue while maintaining quality takes time.

v1.4 Many changes were done, health bar is no longer a solid color, now it has a glass effect, arrows have been changed, they are now smaller and have glow, removed a grey hexagon from the default texture, selected item on customize is now 3 arrows, techs background and pallete have changed, fixed a bug (ctrl button texture does not apear on another texture), texture used when selecting options is no longer a hexagon shape, it’s now a circular light, finally 2 textures files are now in pvr format, they no longer suffer from compression problems caused by .dds, that’s basicly the reason why a glass effect was added to the health bars.
I did my best to maintain the colors while using .pvr, the format is not as friendly as a .dds

I doubt i will update this hud anymore, it’s has more then any other, looks good, it’s polished, has bugfixes, what more can you ask?

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