I have seen many posts, comments and videos where people request sega to make a new PSO but with better graphics, it’s true that PSO2 is comming, but that is not what people want.
So you have decided to play PSO v2, but you hate the graphics, thing is, ppl never use the full potential of the game, sega can release countless PSO games with improved graphics, the graphics depend( in many aspects) from you.

I’m going to post here several ways to improve the game visual quality, if after all of them you are not satisfied then you can move to more recent games, just don’t complain when it’s your fault the game looks bad.

Game options:
PSO contains several options to increase model and texture quality, i’m sure the majority of players have these maxed, this was meant to make the game run even on low end computers, today such thing is rare, so if you have a good computer, start by maxing these out.

Graphic board options:
Something i hardly see ppl use, we know the dreamcast could run good games, but the settings in the board are not that good.
You probably have a pc and a good graphic board, this means you can apply 2 of the most important things to the game, Antialising and Ansitropic filter.
Antialising will smooth the pixels, on PSO v2 with such a low resolution, this is actually a great way to improve how it looks.
Ansitropic filter will make far away textures look more detailed, the majority of screenshots i see this setting is really low, so low the textures 3 feet away look blurry.
Other options are still valid, options such as mipmap detail, level of detail,….. also improve how the game looks, so make sure you enable these options on your graphic board panel.
options pso BB
In this case i’m using ATI Tray Tools to force these things, which is a simplified version of Catalyst control center

The game has low resolution textures, let’s not forget it was made to work on the dreamcast in the 1st place, on pc you can download skins to improve how the game looks in certain aspects.
Some skins look different and some skins look different and look better, if you find a better resolution skin of something, why not use it? For example GAMA’s hucast textures look great and are still similar to the original ones, i can’t say you will find high res textures for everything in the game, but you can request to someone to do it, even if you find a skin that you like but is for PSO BB, simply ask someone to port it to v2, it’s not hard.
I also recomend my hud, it will be with you in any situation of the game, area skins can’t do that, my hud isn’t high res but it doesn’t need that to look good.

Effects mods:
There is a file in PSO that contains the effects textures used in just about everything in the game, 1 texture can be used multiple times in multiple situations such as techs, armors, weapons, areas, you name it.
You can use Aurelli effect mod wich alters wich textures are used and how are they used, it’s a really small file, but that’s all it takes to make simple things look amazing, quality remains the same as the file only tells wich textures are used, but some effects are really good to see.
Gama’s effects for PSO BB got ported by me and now can be used on v2, textures are now improved and look better, the file is also alot bigger then the default one as it contains much bigger textures, want to make the effects look better, this is the mod.

PSO can have bloom, the EBN series provides the files to activate this single effect on PSO, it can be tweaked manually to fit your taste and can be activated and deactivated in-game
Hope you like it

If by any chance you are not registered on Dreamcast-talk and you don’t want to make 3 posts to access the download section then simply request here for the links to the downloads, i made the topics at DC-Talk because they contain more info about the effects and bloom such as system requirements, how to install them, screenshots,….
Bloom seems nice but i’m not in the mood to type the complex stuff, this is just to show what can be done, the links are to help you find the modifications, if you do them 1 by 1 PSO will look better that’s for sure.
I never found a program to increase the game resolution, i do have screenshots of psov2 with a much higher res, but they are not pso v2 for pc, i was using an emulator and was playing psov2 for the dreamcast, if you find a resolution mod for v2 pc, let me know 😉

EDIT: If you want to check PSO v2 for pc in a higher res then check this