Thanks to the work of Bluecrab, several versions that could not go online can now be used to play the game, the insane hunt over the EUv2 version was common for those that wanted an original disk, this often caused the EU version to cost more then the US version, in some forums the EU version beeing sold online was worthy of a post for those that wanted the disk.
The problems are now over, USv2 for example can be bough cheap anywhere and you can still go online.

The strategy here is simple, Bluecrab created a loader (similar to utopia) that will change some functions in the game disk inserted afterwards, enabling them to have fixes and to connect online. A great work was done and i thank him.
You can check more details on the announcement made on sylverant

On the other hand we have ives, who recently poped on dreamcast talk to solve some doubts on the work he shared with bluecrab, the tremendous hipocrisy is visible, if Bluecrab was russian, if nothing was shared with him or if ppl did all the work without even asking for his input then the situation would be much different, he would start by insulting the ppl based on the nacionality, he would say nothing gets done, he would be buthurt because his attitude made ppl not share the tools and in the end he would do his best to destroy the work. It didn’t happen here because thankfully he is helping.

Many ppl remember this topic that i mentioned on a previous blog post, this is one of the many things he said, this one is special because it had an entire topic with lies, discrimination and general attitude that sometimes we have to endure.

What i’m saying is that before he didn’t do his best to help the community and even tried to make things go in the oposite direction and now he shows up and says “i helped with this”, well, thank god he did, otherwhise we would have to clean his mess once again.