I have seen the GC version of it and quite frankly i hated it, it looked like transparent glass with some white powder on top.
The PC version is not exactly the same as the DC version, it’s fully opaque which makes it horrible.
There have been a few mods with a fix for this, making it look like the DC one, more specifically it adds transparency.
Then i started to think, why would i want some transparent blue ice in the 1st place.
Why is the freeze blue anyway?

So since all versions suck (at least to me) i decided to make my own freeze, nice color, nice pattern, increased resolution and transparency.
I like it so why not share it.

Original topic:


– Simply drop the file in    “….\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline\Media\PSO”
– Backup the original if you want to revert back.

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