This was possibly the 1st skin i ever did that neither is for me or for someone who requested it, i just did because the skins/titles that were coming up had to many problems, for such a good design in the title it’s not pleasant to see basic mistakes, from the info i gathered ppl not only liked the mistakes, they also did them on purpose because that’s how they liked them.
Since i saw no effort then i decided to step in, for a long time i have waited to see what would skinners do, but with few to no results then i felt the urge to do something.
At 1st i tried using big images, but while one works the same didn’t happen when the title was all done, don’t know why, but maybe the title.prs has a max file size for it to be used, with no choice i reduced the size of images.
Then i tried used bmp good quality images, but for some reason the program i used to import the images did some crazy compression on smooth color transitions, leaving the image very blocky in those aspects, good in detail, bad on everything else.
With no choice i used dds, it’s true that some compression happens no matter what, so details become affected, but it solved the problem i was having wich payed off because the quality overall increased, i still had to test things to see how they looked, the program wasn’t being very effective showing me accurately the images imported, but luckily everything was ok in the end.
Not visible in the screenshot i took, but i added some glow in 2 textures to give the image some slight activity, nothing major but does the job well in making the title a bit better, having a static image sucks.




Frozen Cyan Mines

Decided to port over a skin i did a long time ago, i tought it was cool giving the time of the year and i forgot completely about making a v2 skin.

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Topic: (contains details on installation and full size pics)



A topic i did on Dcemulation, maybe this time rolf will learn how to behave on a public sylverant ship, spreading lies seems to be his aptitude (pso palace isn’t also the greatest source for accurate info, so I’m guessing many of the incorrect info may come from this place), however on sylverant, they come at the cost of a ban.
Serves as a reminder that the ships in sylverant aren’t to be used to spread lies about players.