It seems every once in a while a user comes and tells that in one way or the other i’m not legit or that atleast the char i use to play is not legit, there have been countless posts about his, but none actually degraded my char and in the end the user that made the comment would look like a moron.

One of the most common tricks is using my Blueburst stay at schthack, if i cheated on schthack then it’s obvious that on v2 i also cheat, there is even one mention that even on GC i caused problems non stop, something i never knew considering i don’t even own a GC or pso ep1&2, but for these ppl it was obvious that if i cheated on blueburst my vmu on my desk would receive magical influences and become affected. Nothing much to say except the fact i use chars for all kind of stuff and my dreamcast lvl 200 char is not affected by anything i use on pso v2 pc or blueburst.

One once mentioned by daco and archville was that a humar could never do this amount of damage.
Daco knew the packets of the game, they were  pros, daco knew everything and even things most players didn’t understand about pso bb, it was impossible for them to be wrong, that pretty much made them look like idiots especially when i play pso v2 and that a simple damage calc (equation at azure pso) pretty much proved that the damage was correct, archville apologised shortly after (pso bb =/= pso v2), however daco was even more humiliated when saffo (another pso v2 great player) said that the damage was ok and perfectly achievable, after this whole incident daco probably hidden himself in some hole far away.

Another common theory provided by wing and the dude from pso palace and schthack (also shared by other players) points out that lvl 200 is impossible to achieve and that the speed i did it makes even more impossible/epic, it seems these supposed good players think that lvl 200 takes way more then 2000 hours of gameplay, and that my 1200 hours could not gather that amount of exp. Considering that i even made vhard and ultimate difficulty equally after lvl 190 (searching for rares) it’s obvious that even 1100 hours or even less are required.
After lvl 80 possibly i optimized my gameplay, doing the right paths and doing the right areas (avoiding caves is good) actually made a difference, i was hunting and getting exp as well, i was able to kill fast, do the shortest paths (occasionally going off to some rooms with a nice time/reward balance).
So in the end, even while doing things slowly i ended up doing alot more then most players, namely wing and the dude, wich don’t even know how to play the game even after lvl 150, poor things would have difficulty in keeping up with me.
In any case, lvl 200 doesn’t take that much time and i even have a dreamcast screenshot with the final lvl up and a truckload of pictures with me after lvl 160 (+-)

Another way to  degrade is by saying that the trades i did were not legit or at least not by my standarts, a long time ago i traded items for a red handgun and a senseplate, thing is the user used (mucast) a no weapon drop trainer wich made the trade not legit.
I do not consider this or other situations as the propagation of error were 1 single error affects all calcs made afterward, i knew the user used a patch trainer for that, most likely because he doesn’t or didn’t trust anyone he played with, thing is i never considered that to affect an actual drop, so while i don’t play with non legit players i still may find trades ok and for me the trainer would never stopped the enemies or boxes to give alternate items.
Despite not playing with mucast, he seemed ok with that, but things went off track when i placed his items in question, some time after the trade he decided to use many more mods wich affected directly items or even the way he was getting them, mucast was still lurking my trade list when i said that it was pointless because he was using things that would make all items questionable and therefore not allowed to be used for a trade with me, he took this nicely but complained about this in pso palace stating that the items i had were not legit because of the no weapon trainer (trainer that prevents you to drop your weapon when you die).
Reality is a pain, thing is, he never mentioned why would i consider the items legit or why he traded with me in the 1st place, i don’t want to state him, but let’s just say that if he told his friends at pso palace why he traded with me and not with them, then his friends would be just as but hurt as he is now.
They may be his friends, but stating a hard truth on their faces like i did may be a bit too much.
In any case, the items dropped normally so they were ok for me, at this moment, both his gameplay and his items are not something that i want, the only thing good (the drops) he had is lost.

Another thing that affects my lvl 200 char on dc or the legit chars i have on pc is the fact i used trainers for example to see items in lobby, thing is, when i connect online i usually have one of 3 things to do and i need to know wich one before i go into pso otherwise i may end up closing pso, making alterations and then get up again.
One is to play and cheat, sometimes requested and sometimes required for testing, another is to play legit and with no trainers and the 3rd one is to appear in lobby wich any situation/patches is ok.
So sometimes i play to cheat and then i appear in a lobby with another char and the trainers active, some ppl like evilmag, mucast, wing,…. seem to think being able to see items in lobby apparently affects how the char behaves in the lobby, obviously affecting the game is something that happens, but if i were to play (cheat or legit) i would either close pso to alter the patches or go back to the char selection to pick a different char.
Obviously these players make a big drama when i’m in a lobby testing a hud skin for the game for example.
In other words, all legit chars i have are never affected, this unfortunately upsets the players at pso palace wich tought they had something, they failed……once more

Another one that i know for quite some time is a picture of me in a red labeled game (hack allowed) with smith, thing is, the user that took the screen (wing as usual) did not mention his friends the state of games or that game, 5, 10, 20 or even 30 minutes before, wich only proves that they like to lie to themselves if the profit is to degrade a player like me.
Smith was testing quite a few game disks, with different sorting orders and i was required to see the results in a 3rd person view, especially certain bugs.
I can’t remember the name of the 1st game, but it was ok, then it came different games and names but all with the same purpose.
The 4th game smith tested his own personal disk with altered shops and drops and named the game “aleronives” and eventually after some time me checking the prices of the items smith was handing to me ( no i didn’t keep any of the items, yes, smith was also disappointed that i didn’t take any) someone joined and i told the user and smith that the game was far from normal, also asked smith to turn the game to hack allowed to identify the game a bit better, this was when wing took his almighty screenshot giving the intention that was degrading a user and that i was playing in a hacked game.
Now, we all know the game name doesn’t matter on what’s inside, “psoallstars”, “hunting”, “cmode” or even “aleronives” are all the same shit, it doesn’t really matter what the game is named, i believe you have to give it a name and smith named that, that was the 4th game, at that point a game name was irrelevant.
Some players like aleronives like to play with modded droprates,enemy stats, char stats,… and flag the games as legit, it happened on schthack and happens on sylverant, but obviously it happens only in altimira, so while ppl complain when i flagged a game correctly ppl seem to enjoy being tricked by aleronives, for users such as ives or wing, a legit game is always ok even when it’s misleading players and a hack allowed game is always bad when the ppl are actually giving the proper info to outsiders.
So who took the pic and those who thing about this now look like morons, i just hope smith doesn’t comment on the pic, otherwise the facepalm will be so big wing won’t even dare uploading another screenshot of pso ever again.
While no opinions have been shared at pso palace or schthack (because no one understood exactly what was going on) it pretty much became clear who was idiot enough to actually say something, namely koneko, ives, evilmag and wing.

Sometimes they wonder why they can’t get in passworded games such as the ones made by legit players like myself, saffo, valkirie!, nanatsusaya,….. If players like myself wanted them in our games, they would have received the password a long time ago, but it’s not only the gameplay, it’s also the attitude that no one wants to see, having players that cheat, that take screenshots only to try and degrade players and the fact they do not know how to play the game, makes them not suitable for those games.
They complain at that fact (being excluded and not being able to play with a more diversed group of players) and they often trow the insults to regular players, not knowing their actions made them look like idiots.
It’s quite funny to see that despite several screenshots and accusations, my char stands firm and ready to play with other legit players, on the other hand we have wing for example, wich in some cases alters the screenshots he takes just to omit something before it’s displayed to the public, i even wonder why a notorious cheater and a terrible player would want to hide something, but like ives, these players have several stages in wich they change opinion or attitude, something that they do not tolerate becomes ok once the friends at pso palace also decide to use it.
Take ives for example, at one point he didn’t like anyone to have red rings and he didn’t want ppl to be given the power to make quests, otherwise ppl would make simple quests with npcs rewarding the players with double cannons, then it changed to the point where red ring was ok for him as it was a reward for helping the server (schthack), that the ring was not that good and that blue ring was actually better, ppl shouldn’t complain about it as he was using a not so good ring compared with blue ring, at this moment there have been multiple modifications and quests that  not only made red ring available but also a better stats blue ring, thing is even with this “blue ring with better stats that makes red ring obsolete”, ppl still decide to use red ring, now why is that? Not only that, something he didn’t like became actually ok.

I am sure, more will come, even when not playing much, i was already accused of cheating on a game i don’t even own (pso GC). So basically if you see similar stuff about me or other players, grab some popcorn because most likely the person who has some proof will be wrong, it’s always funny to see ppl fail, wing, mucast, evilmag, the dude, and others at pso palace made that clear already, they never learn, i mean, one day they will learn, once they know hitting a wall actually hurts.
Take a look at daco, he was so sure that he was right, until he was proven wrong 5 minutes later, i wonder if these ppl actually know that they can be wrong, my feelings tell me that yes, they know that, that’s why they only post this kind of info on pso palace, on another forum it would be trolling or spamming in the very least, unfortunately this gives users a false info about me or other players, Rolf for example already made the mistake of accusing someone else of not being legit because he tought that player was me, it’s funny to see a player like rolf accusing me of not being legit when so many have tried and failed, but part of the problem is pso palace wich is why this info is kept there, rolf for example decided to bring this into sylverant and risked himself being punished over it.

EDIT: yet another bunch of theories have come forward, this was a tricky one as it’s related with something that i do not remember, i do however have a pretty linear way of thinking and the mistake doesn’t make sense because i know i wouldn’t do it.
It’s simple, Emee is a frequent player at sylverant, however a unobtainable drop was mentioned, it sounded fishy so i checked the drop, i even checked modified drops and i couldn’t find a location for an unobtainable, emee kept saying it was possible 8 times and i guess i said it was an impossible drop 8 times aswell (+-), with this questionable drop in emee’s position i said i wouldn’t play games with him anymore, better safe then sorry, use the item all you want, but not with me, i will leave the games if necessary, this trigered a series of events to justify that i was no better then him, i never saw the actual point, it’s my decision, not his.

One of the issues was that back at schthack, this emee went by another name, he cheated, he had non legitimate gear and i played with him “non stop”.
Doesn’t sound something i would do, so what happened? Well according to the way i think i can start with the fact that i’m lvl 200, therefore i cannot gain exp by any means, wich brings the question to items, but items can be dropped and i know an irregular drop when i see one (unlike emee that was unable to detect an unobtainable), so even if i knew i was playing a non legitimate game, i also knew that i shouldn’t benefit from it, so no exp or items, maybe i used the game to sell junk, maybe i used the games to feed my mags or maybe i helped the user “kill stuff”, there was no gain for me.
Another idea was that the user may have tricked me into thinking he was legit. I guess that’s simple to judge, lying can give a small boost to approval, but you face the risk of getting a lot of negative approval if things go wrong, it’s very rare but lying on 1st contact is common. If this is the case, then it’s a player to avoid, lies left and right, who wants that?
I was unable to understand his motives, he was upset, trying to trow everything at me like many tried.
So he is unpleasant, considers sega work as inaccurate, those who extracted game data are wrong, those who made legit checker are wrong and in the end just becomes annoyed because someone decided not to play with him.
Why would i lie?, why would i fake a disconnect to get out of the game? if i leave then it’s because i don’t like the game i’m in, i’ll find one wich has more civilized players.
A shame really, looks great on the outside, but the player is just one of those wich i will avoid…and ignore, hearing nonsense in the lobby is annoying.
Add that unobtainable to neoblast 3 pbs dreamcast mag, you 2 were made for each other.