On univers-ps website, an interesting topic catched my attention, with the title i did for pso bb and some basic hud made by Echelon, it seems a minimod is being done that can  turn several aspects of PSO BB into being similar to PSO 2 such as hud, title, loading, sounds,…..
While i don’t personally use that loading screen (with the orb image spinning) i may think of using some of the things that might appear here, if you can help with the hud or with anything else that may be necessary, then share with us.

Here’s a basic movie where you can see a few things that have been made

(please make sure to visit the topic so you know exactly what this installation changes)

I have menu windows of PSO2, sounds of the game, i have a nice loading screen for BB, i have a custom title screen for pso v2, so if you need screenshots at a specific resolution, music recording or anything i can provide then ask, some of the mods made by me never reach the public because i never think someone likes them, but if you have a nice idea for a loading background but lack the necessary images or resources, ask and I’ll try to give them to you.


Today, in a very simple topic about a quest in vega, the usual happened, false info was distributed, main cause is always wrong information and the lack of interest in getting the good one instead.

Let’s go back a bit, 1st myth seems to be that Vega (the ship at sylverant) is always outdated, but in a way where it’s almost unplayable, as usual ives likes to trow out this one, thing is, when impulse gets a chance he updates the ship,  the server itself has been playable long before altimira joined, still it doesn’t stop ives from telling that the ship is always behind, easy for someone who has the admin taking care of ship updates, impulse at dc-talk can’t be on this issue 24 hours a day, in all reality ship is playable and you can do everything you need.

Another issue, (brought by ives) is that dc-talk pso v2 files are not ok and that the same files should be downloaded from pso palace instead, this happened when someone in a topic stated that they could not play the game and they mentioned that they got the files from dc-talk, as predicted ives came in and said the files were not ok (even without checking them), in the end the problem remained and a full reinstall was the only thing that solved the situation, resuming, the files available at dc-talk have been used for ages and we have connected fine, it’s obvious that when someone can’t connect, giving an alternate download source won’t solve the problem because the files placed at dc-talk are perfect to connect at sylverant.
Ives doesn’t check things properly then expects miracles.

/legit command doesn’t work properly with /setlvl was also one of them, by using both commands you could alow legit players at lvl 5 enter ultimate, this issue had been brought by ives (again) but i knew about it way before and that was why it was fixed when i 1st saw it, thing is, outdated ives did it again and at the time it got me worried, i was thinking that the problem returned or that it was never fixed, but a quick enter to the ship showed that it was fixed and then it came to my mind that it was fixed for ages, still, that didn’t stop ives from bringing it.
This was indeed an old problem, but thing is it got solved because i communicated the problem, but ives in all this time did not (despite knowing) communicated the problem, if he did he would know that it was already fixed.
Before throwing out old bugs, please check if they were fixed, took me 10 minutes to enter and exit the ship, ives took months only to reach the same conclusion.

EDIT: Also a spread idea exists on several forums, that my skins will cause game problems if they change more then the textures and in fact in some cases they change more then the textures, so far i or anyone never complained about bugs or problems that may appear, still ives gets a bit annoyed when one of my skins appeared on his forum and without even verifying any files (wich seems to be normal procedure) he blamed the skin for the problem someone was facing, in the end it was something else, wich was obvious by using common sense or even by opening the skin.
It’s funny to see that despite ives doing any skins/mods they are never pointed by him as the cause of problems, it’s always what other ppl do.
This is not an attack on dc-talk, but many of my skins get posted there and i can assure you, they are safe to use and do not cause any problems whatsoever to anyone, no matter how many files there are in a skin, they will be always safe.
If there is a problem with any of them, communicate the problem to me.

TTF ++ is great, ppl like it and then came ives with a list of bugs that even scared me.
Bluecrab being neutral locked the topic, but the false information is still there , as usual ives connected to vega 1 year ago and thinks the quest is the same or acts the way he mentions.
There are areas that are not finished, if you can ever reach them then the option is to pipe to pionner and return to ruins to keep playing.
The quest also seems to be hard to finish due to the canabin room, the fact that GC players can’t beat the second boss and that multiple bosses cause FSOD.

Now here comes the facts:
Canabin room is ok on dreamcast (wich was the priority of the quest, to work for dreamcast players)
Canabin room on pc is possible by killing enemies 1 at a time and not by multi hit the enemies with techs for example.
GC players can no longer play the quest, if it was removed for gc players, why bring this non existant bug in the 1st place, again, outdated info is outdated and ives likes to share that he doesn’t care at all if he’s the one displaying false info.
Multiple bosses may cause a FSOD, but not on TTF ++, while it’s a generic bug, why bring it up in this topic? Quest works fine.

The quest was impossible to beat, it was dangerous and in the end only pc players may encounter a problem wich is safe to encounter and easy to avoid.
I mean, a person that makes quests where you can barely target enemies or kill them comes and starts to give his “bug report” on forum topics?
Why not comunicate the problem with who made the quest? that’s how the GC bug can no longer be experienced, because i comunicated the problem and i know what can happen or not in the quest.
When i mention some of the bugs that happen in his quests, I’m suddenly bashing ives and his work, it seems ives is a precious jewel and no matter what i say (including facts and not some 12 month old report) i always end up damaging this precious jewel.

There will be more, same thing will happen, false info being distributed by ives, me with the correct stuff, bluecrab telling me to stop,…..
I don’t mind, as long the correct info is displayed for other players i’m ok, because that’s my concern right there.