pso 2 title

I had previously done a title screen for myself but the lines weren’t lined up so i never released the title screen to the public.
Recently picked up some alpha2 screenshots and tweaked them to fit PSOv2 title screen. Enjoy.



Replace s256_1st_title.prs with the one provided in the download.
It’s located in “….\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline\Media\PSO”

Screenshot: (click for full-size)



Due to a recent incident in Bluecrab server blog, both spammers (lee and faithy) have been reported, mainly for false, incomplete, defamatory, damaging accusations, sort of snowball effect in wich everything is valid to punish me, lee is on suicidal mode, trying to provoke a troll/flame war that will lead him and me out of the server, faithy decided to omit just about everything and tags the things i said as harassment, let’s see what the others think, the same will happen again and probably more will post in vain in this current situation.
So, not only i took my time to ignore brick walls but i also reported the users and decided to explain the situation, wich may end bad for the ppl that posted, it’s quite sad that the hate some ppl have can actually damage other’s ppl work, Bluecrab made a usual blog post and now it’s filled with spam, accusations, trolling and with intentional confusions (meaning they act dumb on purpose) i wish good luck on the attempts as they will fail like the rest of them, lies never go really far and i would be surprised if they did.
Posted a notification on dc-talk, if the same happens on the server then i already know what happened, a  nearly instant punishment will possibly occur (if user doesn’t stop in-game).
This also informs not to falsely accuse anyone, because the repercussions may turn around and affect the one who made the report initially.

EDIT: topic no longer exists


Menu Backgrounds

Original Topic:

I have had this for some time and even tought of making several backgrounds available (only 1 didn’t seem right), but there was a problem, few backgrounds would limit choice and lot’s of backgrounds would result in a large file download only to pick 1 background, not to mention the task is boring and i’m not in the mood to make all the area screenshots into backgrounds, it would take a lot of time.

So my idea is this, i make the one i’m using available and then i take requests of the ones ppl actually want, this way what i make will possibly be used, wich is way more satisfying.
A note on requests, try not to request very bright images, the char selection screen uses white colored font and some bright header wich can be difficult to read.
You can request any image i guess, provide a link to it if i don’t have it.
I personally used a ruins background, if you want to check other available area backgrounds then you can visit my Deviant art page gallery: (top quality screenshots)
Keep in mind PSO v2 limited res will make the image lose graphical detail.

This is a very simple procedure, but i am aware not everyone knows the tools, the files or how to mess with image editing programs to achieve this, sometimes even aligning the images may be problematic because the background is composed by several tiny images that need to be in the correct position.
This way you can imagine your background and you can leave the rest with me, i’m also interested in seeing what others will pick, who knows, maybe i’ll pick it as my background. 😉


Replace “f256_ad_pic.prs” in

Screenshot: (Portuguese header and NOL not included :P)