Recently the official sylverant rules came to public and to my surprise nowhere near what i wanted, some contradictory info, certain rules that i enforced on vega are pretty much gone.
You can find the rules here:
I’ll focus on the problems, if you make or join a game (can be legit) and if someone is using certain mods then they are allowed, you can’t force them to leave, you can’t interrogate them to find an indication they are illegit and in the worst situation you will need to leave the game, probably a report will fall on you for harassing the user, in other words, open legit games are basically impossible, if someone illegit enters and you know it then the rules alow the user to stay, if he can bypass the check, he can stay, since many legit players don’t want that then leaving and making a new locked game is the solution.
It’s unfair and i don’t want to play and enforce the rules on legit players, i didn’t agree with the rules so i left voluntarily, i can still contribute and play (alone, sorry ppl) but i can’t close my eyes and accept such things.

Eventually ppl asked me to stay and that i was insane in leaving, one of the ppl i talked to actually mentioned me another server to play if i wanted, i’m not going to say it’s “necessary”, because sylverant is still far more stable and enjoyable than most things out there, but giving the rules, another server to play is an “alternative”. I was also asked to mention this on my blog so that ppl know how to enter the server.
I have found it previously on my google searches, but never took it in consideration and so i have no idea on who plays there or how many there are.

As for the registration form:
You have text fields and drop boxes, here’s a little help for non japanese users.
– Full name and location
– email
– Nickname
– name of 1st char
– Class of 1st char
You can insert up to 4 chars info
– If you have more chars, then specify them in the 2nd big box
– version of the game
– Type of connection
– Additional info such as hobbies, opinions, why do you play, why you picked the server,…..

EDIT: Fake legit games are already happening in Sylverant, while before players didn’t want to get caught cheating/lying to the extent that would cause them to be gone for a long time, now they seem to use /legit in more games, while they are protected against the impossible to obtain items (such as neoblast hacked dreamcast mag), this misleads users into thinking the game is legit, so keep in mind that a legit marked game indicates a possible legit game.
It’s similar to what happened on schtserv, where aleronives and others used to tag games with legit, making them green, no one saw a problem with that, however when i asked smith to tag a specific disk testing game as a hacked game (because shops and drops were altered) many saw that as the proof that i was cheating, even if i just there watching and following smith instructions.
Also, with EP players being allowed, your game has now a real big chance of getting desync, playing in a ep game will make the game behavior different, enemy, weapon and char stats are different to the point were the game will no longer be normal, for example bosses might take alot longer to kill even if the damage is higher in a team.

In other words, /legit is a verification and nothing else, it’s not a game condition, status or rule, so like on schtserv it will be used to tag games as legit even if they aren’t, carefull with that.




Original Topic:

It seems for some reason this ending is not included into PSO PC so i made the ending available by replacing the ultimate ending (the one that shows red ring rico) with the misc one available on dreamcast.
Images are in the same order as the original dreamcast ending


Replace ed_512kabe_AB_UL.prs in …..\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline\Media\PSO with the one in the download.
Backup the original incase you want to revert back.

I also have the intention of releasing a custom ending later.


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