This is an area based on the last misc ending image, i altered a few things before releasing the skin to make it a bit more realistic.

One thing i tried was to make the illumination near black, but this affects the monument and a dark one isn’t apealing, then i tried and used some really big clouds, but the game doesn’t use them properly and it had the same problem as before, the monument was still dark.
Then i tought of darkening all textures exept the ones from the monument, the illumination is still bright but it fits perfectly with the dark textures.
The sky and clouds are high res so the extra detail is nice, unfortunatly there are some issues i can’t overcome:

– The sky is contantly rotating, with a blue sky it’s ok, but this one has stars, in real life the sky doesn’t rotate like this, but it’s still great to see.

– PSO v2 makes some compression when using the textures, i used the best i could, a .pvr image with rgb at 565 (more colors then 444 or 555) but i still get layers in the clouds, the gradients are so smooth that more colors are required, with limited colors pso makes things lose some quality.
It’s still great to see and it’s barely visible, but it’s there.

Map doesn’t contain shadows from clouds, doesn’t contain an extra set of clouds like in the original map and doesn’t have the sun, it’s as close as i could get regarding the ending image.

Only this part of the arena is affected, falz is still the same and so are the areas where you fight him


Backup the originals
Just place the 2 files in the download in …..\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline\Media\PSO\SCENE

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It’s rare when i face these kinds of issues, quite recently Neoblast, a moderator at dc-talk decided to lie again to the users, the wording he used made it clear that he was posting contradictions intentionally.
Long short story, Neoblast created this story where he had found in a minimal amount of time all the items to create a dreamcast mag, most users right here can guess where this is going and that no one has a legit one, quite true, but neoblast made it seem that he was finding the parts with a lot of work,  even with other players, i doubted from the start but i had no proof so he used exactly that against me saying that i could be wrong and that he could be the one person that had it, he persisted so much that i let it go.
Later his mag was lost and he wanted one that looked exactly the same, with the exact same properties, so he demanded one with 3 phonton blasts, noobs will always be noobs and fortunately neoblast was one of them, since such mags are impossible and since he made it clear that his mag had 3 PBs, then all those stories, all those unlikely hunts and all those drops were nothing but lies, he lied to me and to other dc-talk members as well.

The problem is not the item, or the fact he did a mistake cheaters often do, the problem is that he lied to everyone, including me.
I even joked about it in a topic, stating what could cause such item transformations (since he believed in them so much) and i came out with 2 results, either hacked the item or he made the item when planets lined up.

This caused him to leave PSO, the ppl he cheated and the drama were too much for him to handle, one would assume he would learn for the mistake, but no, today in a topic he specifically said that he always played legit and that the legit check was already too much, so extra drama wasn’t necessary, now, i corrected him and he still believes that the guides, the pso players, the legit check and sega are wrong, he believes that his mag is the only legit one and that all the others are bugs of some sort, by saying that his mag was ok its the same as saying the work that has been lost into making the legit check at sylverant was worthless because it’s based on inaccurate info.

I already proved him wrong and sent reports for the staff, but he got a hold of the reports and deleted them, not only that he told me that there is no proof. Guides, players, quests, sega all seems to be non valid proof to him.

I warn the users that interact with neoblast, i know there are users where trusting them is dangerous, users such as aleronives are a nice example, but neoblast beats most of them by a long shot, by cheating and lying to everyone, even to his friends,  i never did anything against him, yet he simply dragged this issue for so long and now seems to be covering his tracks, he may play legit now, but would you trust him on that? would you talk to him? do you think what he says to you is the truth? He lies so well that even the hunts seemed natural to him, so a general chat in any situation would require even less effort, meaning he can lie on just about anything. Can he make dumb mistakes? Yes. Will it most likely take a long time until you find out? Yes.

The fact is that his mag hasn’t been seen since then, neoblast took a shot at glory, i guess he could have done the same but with some actual effort and he could aimed at a red sword for example or maybe a rare armor of some sort, but no, his aim was an unobtainable, what a noob, seriously.
So in reality all posts are false when he states that his hacked mag is legit or that he always was a legit player. This wouldn’t be much of an issue, but he discredits publicly what other ppl did on the legit check, in guides or in quests.

The guides avaiable are accurate and support the quests behavior, players also support this and the legit check at sylverant is accurate on this issue.