I recently realized that sylverant accepts GC players and that they have to follow the same rules as the other players, meaning i will give another alternative for a GC server you can try out.
You must be thinking “what, another server, that will spread the users even more” and yes you are right, bluecrab wanted to avoid that but once the rules came out fragmenting the community was unavoidable, it’s a consequence and there’s nothing it can be done.
The server is called L33tserv, no it’s not just for leet players, the idea as far as i can see was to provide an alternative server to scamserv/shitserv but having a group of players that are always around, so instead of lot’s of registrations and few logged players, we have a small group that is on the server for a prolonged amount of time.
There are plenty of trustworthy players and an admin wich also seems to be fantastic, the server offers rewards and prizes for donations and in quests, while some may see this as cheap, it’s always an option and so you can decide to play without the rewards.
They also decided to begin with the right foot, donations are transparent and you always know where your money is being put, not only that but a member called mewone has the ability to oversee the transactions, needless to say she is one of the most trustworthy people i have ever talked to, this is to avoid another scamserv incident.

The rules of the server also seem to be quite nice, strict but easy to understand and covers many situations, unlike these wich were agreed by 3 admins (more like 2 and brute forced onto the 3rd)

So you have a great group of ppl wich will help in any pso matter, you have the possibility to donate and receive rewards for that, you have events and quests to do if you want, you have a clear donation system and you have a fair set of rules.
It’s a server i can surely recommend.

Yes, in a way the rules that are imposed in sylverant are the reason as to why i am now recommending an alternative server for GCubers.
Not only that, Bluecrab has already showed signs of weak administration, stating that bans would occur if something bad is said about a certain user outside the server, meaning an action on the server is taken depending on what you say here for example, obviously nothing has happened yet, so there isn’t anything to complain, but the signs all point to a disaster.
The rules in sylverant came after some situations, i have asked them a lot sooner and the server should have had them from the beginning, they were made out of time, there was no initiative on the admins and that isn’t that great in my opinion, yes they corrected something but they were unable to predict it despite my constant pressure and warnings, i suggested some rules and despite the wording and a situation regarding stolen items everything was ok, there was also an initial set of rules that was being pushed onto the dc-talk admin, but as you can see the final rules differ a lot.
Maybe if they told me sooner their plan i wouldn’t even join the GM position, maybe the reason this happened was only to gather as many supporters as possible and avoid losses later on when things changed, maybe this was already planned from the start.
Can i verify this? no i can’t, the ppl involved in this such as the admins of the 3 communities are already twisting things up, the odds of getting lies or more bs are gigantic, i’m not saying they will lie, but given what has been happening, their sentences aren’t reliable.
Sometimes when i go online i really hear things that disturb me, from little plans by the administration, previously planned actions by ives and bluecrab, one even said that bluecrab was a mere puppet in ives’s hands and even by the dc-talk admin stating that bluecrab only came to dc-talk by its player population and nothing else, but again, nothing can be proved.
Discussions about the rules and certain decisions even reached some japanese communities
It’s quite sad, before there were some reasons to play in sylverant, now for some reason many legit players i met and knew are now gone and they were regulars, obviously this didn’t affect GC players as they were very rare, but the situation now at sylverant cannot draw GC players and so L33tserv is an excellent option.

So, if you want to play PSO ep1&2 online and want a decent server, follow my suggestion and try l33tserv out


I have also stopped supporting dc-talk entirely, due to neoblast action i asked the admin why was he acting that way and i was actually in the mood to ignore everything, there were a few locks but there were no bans, he was buthurt and wanted to avoid pso drama, the same thing that made him leave for a long time when he was caught lying to everyone, after 2 or 3 pms i finally received the reasons as to why he acted like that and as soon i read them, i walked away from dc-talk, it was basically this, the actions made by neoblast were justified because the rules of the server allowed him (yes, server rules, not the forum rules) and because ppl said they would quit pso (wich is odd considering there are 10 regulars in the server but around +2000 guildcards registered and considering a truckload of ppl left after the rules came out).
So, with the main admin filling me with bs, i felt there was no reason to keep posting, all the reasons i once had to post on a forum were completely gone, i could not help, correct lies or even do random posting.
With that i removed my skins and they are now posted on ragol.co.uk, some youtube videos are now private (if you want to see them again, ask, i can allow some ppl to see them), some videos were taken down on youtube (after my request) and i have changed many links to ragol.co.uk, so as you can see there is no direct link to dc-talk at the top, i left some in the blog posts but many got changed.

There are some good news, some blog posts do not contain many images or a full info on the skin, with the topics now at ragol.co.uk you are not required to make an account in order to see them, you can simply click the link to the original post and you will be taken directly to a topic with all the things you may need.
There is an exception on the PSO ep3 sounds, the file is hosted on the website so you need to register to download them, but that’s about it, no need for 3 posts in order to see them like at dc-talk.