Following these updates, i want to say congrats to all that were involved in this, it’s not often that you hear that PSO v2 is getting server sided drops, wich can be adjusted for quests and/or events, obviously  wouldn’t use them and i’m guessing many won’t either, still it’s an alternative that will make the game more interesting if the player so desires.

This was something that i knew but at the time the rules i was enforcing were very different and while the update is nice, it basically shows as to why the server might not be exactly the best for players like myself.
When the rules were contested, it was simply because they were the foundation, the legit command and the demotivation to any kind of cheating made 2 ships safe for legit players to make an open game, if anything went wrong then the user wouldn’t bother you further, but now with these new rules the legit command falls flat, it doesn’t matter how good it is, it doesn’t matter if server sided drops exist, the rules alow cheating as long they bypass the checker, it may pick up the neoblast noob made items, but the majority will slip by simply because in any case it’s the game that creates the items, they will always obey to certain standards, therefor altered drops, altered item stats, altered char stats, altered enemy stats and a bunch of other things are allowed.

So due to the latest advancements in sylverant server combined with the rules that have been posted, sylverant will not be a recommended server for legit players. (unless you prefer playing alone that is)

Players are using game modifications, as that wasn’t enough now quests will start to drop items (wich will lead players to do certain quests, especially with lot’s of one particular enemy) and events may offer more than the game itself and to complement this, users are already exploiting the legit command by making items that are both allowed and “legit” in the server.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the rules discouraged such action, a mistake would lead to consequences, but now not only they encourage, they force you to play with users, while there are many players that only want the original content, the community will slowly become polluted and one way or another a user will have a non legit item eventually, it can be from an event, from another player, from mods, from quests or from a combination of some of them. Users will enter your team and will refuse to leave because they are allowed.
This rarely happens, but eventually more and more players will have these items to a point you won’t even recognize who can be legit or not, because they will all have something from non legit gameplay.

However, some players indeed ignore these alterations, they are like me, who just want a place to play, no need for more quest, mods, events and commands, as long they can do a normal game then they will be happy.

These players exist, but there are 2 problems:

1st, many already left, so the few that are left are a rare resource and players worth playing with.
2nd, there is a small chance that they will lie, not because they aren’t allowed in-game, because they are, but because players always like to be accepted, so they want mods but don’t want to be looked down, Neoblast case is a fine example, with hunts, logs of the hunts, spreading the word and even exploiting the good nature in players, but in the end the item was a plain hack, but that was also an extreme case, i doubt i will see another one around.
The chance someone good at the game will lie is really low, but with so few players worth playing atm, this chance only makes things worse.

For anyone interested in modified games, finding items in quests and events, sylverant is indeed a great place, with lot’s of features that you may find interesting.

If you have no desire in playing alone, or with players such as the ones that will appear then go fast to sylverant and try and find out those rare resources before they disappear, who knows maybe there are players also searching for you, give them a reason to stay and in return they will give you a reason to stay.
If after a week or so you can’t find anyone, then move to pso_methuselah , there is a blog post a few weeks old with more links and instructions, it’s the only PSO server that supports v2 that has players besides sylverant, also contains an updated list of players that play regularly.


I have been noticing that PSO trainers have been disappearing, it’s getting harder and harder to find them and i sometimes receive questions as to how i did this or that particular screenshot.
I have tought of releasing them but that brings 2 problems:
– i would have to remove the link in my sig at ragol.co.uk because as a policy cheating content cannot be posted or linked, it’s no big deal but i’m not in the mood to remove the link
– it would be unwise to release such tools when there is already so much cheating at sylverant, while some users are indeed honest and can use these tools on a separated char, there is a high chance ppl would use these to do just about anything, so adding to a problem isn’t exactly the best, i mean ppl can ask me the tools if they desire and i won’t oppose to them but i feel that if it’s public it will become out of control and repairing that damage will take years.

However, there are some trainers that are simple and provide a harmless way of improving your game, i can give a few examples, camera trainer, hud removal, patch the game to detect v1 players, patch the game to detect GC players, proportion patch…………….. (although i don’t believe there is anything more)
They are all safe to use, they work and they won’t make you gain any unfair advantage.

Does anyone want me to release  these? If so, post something in the comments
Do you want other things or are you having difficulty finding a warp trainer, a npc trainer or a bankmod tool? in that case send me a mail, i’m not going to post a link here.
Do you have a tool you would like to share (of any kind)? send me a mail 1st and i’ll see if i will add it.