Ragol.co.uk has been possibly the 1st forum i ever joined, i was a kid back then and even received my share of warnings, but i learned from them and now i’m one of the super moderators, i kept the forum clean from spam bots in case anyone wanted to post things there, sadly that never happened.

However thanks to PSO2 a strange and pleasing interest has appeared, Lee-Yoshi is more active, many mods returned as if they were just around the corner waiting for some kind of activity and even Sol returned, that’s right, the original admin has returned not only to post but also to give ideas and use them for what could be the rebirth of the website.

The forum already has a section for PSO2, but it will surely grow once more users come, atm it’s just the staff and a couple of members posting news and ideas, but everyone is committed to help ragol.co.uk achieve it’s former glory and possibly go even further, Sol will surely help with that.

Who knows, maybe we can even return as a team in PSO2, the Ragol.co.uk team that is.

Do you have any news or ideas to share, then drop by and post, trust me, we are listening.


I have finally reached the 2 million video views on youtube, with the top 10 being PSO songs and the Star Lancer game intro, one of the idola songs even surpassed the 100k views wich shows that many ppl really appreciate the PSO music, wich in a way brings nostalgia considering some are remixes of the originals in phantasy star 1,2,3 and 4.

Thank you for all the views, i am happy to provide a place to ear these songs whenever you want 😀
My PSO videos also contributed for this, with many views, still the songs gained more in a shorter amount of time, but the PSO gameplay videos are original and show what the game is like, with a rare type of gameplay (legit, high lvl, difficult areas), it’s true that i have perfected my gameplay since the making of the videos and if we search the web, gameplay like mine is nearly non existent, low level gameplay, easy areas or even non legit gameplay are easy to find, making my videos even more unique.

Keep checking my channel, comment on the videos you like, subscribe if you need to and most of all, enjoy.