I had them for quite some time and probably forgot to make it available for v2 players.
Out of the box skins i saw this one was the best in my opinion, really simple, good appearance and most of all visible on longer distances.
Yes, the other ones are just as appealing but with few things to tell them apart then you may confuse a dispensable item with a shield.
This was a simple port, the dds compression used on BB didn’t bother me much so in no way i felt the need to remake the images and then save as .pvr or .bmp textures.

Original topic:

Special credits:

– Backup the originals just in case you want to switch back
– Simply drop the files into “….\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline\Media\PSO\SCENE”



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Back when Faithy over at sylverant decided that the guidelines i were enforcing weren’t right i did my best countless times to actually give him the pointers of what was allowed and what wasn’t, nothing happened after all it was just talk, i couldn’t take action based on what someone was saying, but even so i sent several PMs to see if i could reach him and prevent a future ban.
I noticed this at the time but didn’t actually make some effort to check it out, at one point in a PM i received him saying that Bluecrab said him that EP was fine and allowed, my 1st reaction was that it was impossible, just weeks before i received guidelines and no mention on the EP is there at all, so it even crossed my mind that he was lying, but he showed more determination than ppl usually do as if he was right, i also showed the same determination after all i had the guidelines sent by bluecrab himself.

Then i tought, what if Bluecrab sent him something about the EP, what if Faithy was telling the truth, well, no better men to ask then bluecrab himself and after one or two pms i received the confirmation, weeks later after receiving my guidelines bluecrab gave something different to someone who benefits from EP games.
Now, you know me, if i knew this at the time, i would have quitted the GM status sooner, if i still had it then it’s because i knew nothing about it.

Then comes the unconfirmed part, either it was intentional or it wasn’t, if this was intentional then it means that the guidelines/rules were delayed (or not, doesn’t matter much) only to send several versions of them to gather as much support as possible, depending on who PMed bluecrab the replies would be different so you would stay on the server, there is also the possibility that there was no intention, this little mistake however caused problems, because both myself and faithy were right from the start, we were each following bluecrab directions, we both tought we were right and that the other was wrong.
I communicated the way i was enforcing the guidelines (remember, no rules at the time), i got permission, no complains were ever sent and so i never imagined different guidelines were beeing sent by the same person, in this case the admin at sylverant.

Now, the rules are simple but not very specific, it’s good for the admins but they fail to transmit the idea to users, that’s why another topic exists so you can clear your doubts about the rules, my suggestion is to use that topic, make a public question, let the ppl in charge make a public clarification on the questions you have, if you go in private like me, there is a possibility that you will hear  exactly what you wanted to hear and in the end someone else may receive a different answer.

This created some arguments, reports and in general  hate for one another, but in the end neither me or faithy share most of the blame, so please, even when talking to bluecrab, always have a step back, make sure, by asking other users and even non staff members if what you are receiving is the same as what others are receiving, make sure you have coherent information.

Ok, probably a little mistake, no intention whatsoever, but no harm will come if you are cautious.