A problem many players faced was the fact that despite having a console with online capabilities that could run a GC game, players could never use the online portion, the original game searches for GC hardware and it can’t find it on the wii and so offline was the only way to play the game, but now things changed.
tueidj, a member at gbatemp.net found a way of making GC games go online, this includes PSO ep1&2

You can find the topic here and you can check the modem emulation info for PSO here, you will have 3 options regarding the servers you can connect, i can say for sure that when it comes to population none are all that great, but some are better then others, it will be upt to you to find out, but remember that popularity means little here.
The highest population one isn’t available as a connect option, izakaya website is down atm and being the server, the bbs and the members mostly japanese, it isn’t exactly a great place to communicate, but do not be mistaken, the population even without wii players is still far superior to any of the 3 you can connect, sometimes even higher than PSO BB servers.

Still, 3 servers to pick is good, so go ahead, clean the dust on your wii and go play the franchise online.



The 1st font is a port from the one made for PSO BB, i liked the change so i made it available for PSO v2

Tamashii for making the font available for PSO BlueBurst

File contains 2 folders of the same font skin.
You need to pick one that you like, the “High res” folder contains a direct port of the skin made, meaning it’s at a higher res then the default game font but you can only see the changes in some aspects, since PSO v2 doesn’t have any high-resolution options then i made another file inside “regular res”, this one contains the font skin at the same res of the original pso font.
The differences are minimal between the 2, but they do exist

replace the file texttex_e.pvm in …….\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline\Media\PSO with the one provided in one of the folders.




This 2nd font is one i made recently

Then i did one of my own, i grabbed a random one from the web named lynx and made it available for PSO v2, i wanted something readable but cool nonetheless, i say this because one of the fonts i will port in the future will be the one echelon made for his PSO2 skin mod and as far as i can say is that the font itself makes names really hard to read, but the font itself and the numbers look really nice.

I went with that idea but decided to make the font i ported readable by adding emboss, a black line would also be nice, but that increases the font size and i wasn’t in the mood to resize all letters into a smaller one just to add a black line around them, emboss was fine.

The font is high res btw.

replace the file texttex_e.pvm in …….\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline\Media\PSO with the one provided in the folder. Either that or just grab the media folder and place into the PhantasyStarOnline folder.