Tools trainers

I made a public poll available for some time now, if you noticed, no results were being displayed and i also took steps to avoid double voting, this way you never really knew if the vote was being accepted or not.

Votes came naturally and i’m here to release the non game breaking trainers, this doesn’t mean i won’t release the rest, i may or may not release the rest, it’s related with some attitudes really, take for example a patch wich alters the drop rates calculation, making things far easy to find (but not 100%) with any drop modifications, can you imagine tiny neoblasts running around saying they had a legitimate dreamcast mag thanks to the “effort of playing areas countless times”, not only that, since the items would drop occasionally they would be backed up by carefull made movies, screenshots and even reports from other players, the worst part would be that you wouldn’t be able to prove otherwise because as a regular drop this is stupidity resistant, even the dumbest players would be able to affirm that the items are ok.

While the credibility of neoblast is zero, other players and new players would take advantage of this.
On sylverant you need to advertise you are using these mods, but that wouldn’t stop players from using offline and like i said it’s stupidity resistant, so you wouldn’t have red rings or dreamcast mags with 3 pbs (like the one neoblast “hunted”)

That makes me hesitant into releasing such tools, you can ask them at any time privately and i will gladly send them, but similar with the comments and the public pool if you need to speak or say something then you will be hesitant, if it’s public then you will download (no one asked me for trainers, but, there was a significant amount of votes in the pool, meaning they want them but they don’t want to show their face)

So for now i’ll just release these simple trainers, keep in mind that for more advanced screenshots you may require other tools, if you want to take screenshots in ruins 3 then you can either warp directly or beat the 1st 2 areas, it’s just a matter of flexibility.
Are there more simple tools like the ones i’m releasing now? yes, but they are integrated with more advanced trainers and while many trainers do the same thing, it’s often that you see unique features into each one.
These tools are safe to be used, if your antivirus says something then it will be a false positive, i do not release infected programs of any kind, you can do what i do wich is to ignore a folder with these trainers.

Some of these tools need to be in the same directory of pso.exe otherwise no patching will be done, in these cases backup pso.exe if you ever want to revert to the original.

Note: These tools are for PSO v2 for pc only



Trainers and functions: (Updated)

  • V1 Name Detection Patch – Patches your game so that v1 players name becomes white
  • GC PSO Detection Patch – Patches your game so that GC players name becomes white
  • Thingy o_O – enables and disables lobby restrictions (you can’t attack in lobby for example, but you can combo if the restriction are off), may cause your char to be semi-transparent to others, may cause other players to become invisible (name in lobby still becomes visible however), may cause game to crash if you use certain moves (like casting rafoie in the lobby), may be combined with “view equipped items” (if you have it) to make other players armor visible in the lobby, Armor visual effects will stack if used repeatedly. Does not cause any harm to anyone.
  • Lobby name trainer – changes the location of names in the lobby, not that useful
  • NPC trainer – changes your char to an npc of your choice (sonic, rico, …) i do not know if the effect is permanent (meaning i do not know if you will retain the appearance after restarting the game)
  • Lobby skin changer – in theory changes the lobby appearance to other lobbies, i didn’t notice any difference, feel free to try out, maybe it works for you.
  • Colour name patcher – patches the game so that default name color changes to another color (not sure as i can’t see any difference)
  • big skinny – patches the game so you can create chars with any proportion, proportions above or bellow normal are not visible by others, proportions bellow or above normal may cause the char to look unnatural, chars can be made so they grow into the ground, if you manage to remove the shadow texture then your char will be invisible in most cases, irregular proportions may cause gameplay difficult (view may be blocked, weapon may be to far up or down)
  • PSOv2 hud removal – while playing press F1 to remove hud and map and F2 to restore them. Menus may not be accessible if hud is hidden
  • Camera trainer – Has 10 different cameras that you can use, camera 8 is the normal one you see while playing, however in some quests the camera may change, if the tool is still open then you won’t have the same camera as other players, you need to close the trainer for the camera to return to normal. One camera (don’t know wich) may be used to lock a specific view, but i have no idea how it works. Camera 4 is one of the most usefull ones, this camera can be changed, press left key (must be pressed at all times) to enable camera manipulation, from there you can use numpad 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 for directions, left ctrl and numpad 0 (zero) will change the zoom, since both the left key and numpad are used to control your char you will control 2 things at the same time. Cameras can be used even in credits or char selection screen, however, some cameras will cause the game to crash in these locations, the 10 only work when playing in a in-game area like a lobby or forest.
  • PSO Online.Offline – A simple launcher that can make you play online or offline, there is no publicity to websites and contains no patches of any kind that alter gameplay, 2 buttons, 2 functions, simple as that. Allows for multiple windows to be launched, however controlling 2 or more chars is difficult.
  • Guild Card Data – Allows you to view name, lvl and guildcard number of chars in the lobby and in the game.


I recently recorded a gameplay video just for fun, demonstrates a few skins and changes i made to my game, the gameplay remains the same but i made changes in the visual aspect of the game, meaning you can still have fun with the game without altering the gameplay.

If you want me to record a video with you, just say it, i sometimes get problems with fraps and bloom, but in some cases i can play normally and record things for long periods of time.

For cmode i won’t record as i don’t want to risk anything, but for a normal game (non quest) i will try and record, if i crash then i will quit, rejoin the game and i’ll take screenshots instead.
I usually take screenshots in party games, but why not make a movie instead?
Note: i only play legit gameplay, game set to legit has nothing to do with it, if you play legit then i’ll play, if not then i will leave. In some cases me leaving the game causes everyone to leave the game.


If you are in the mood for some changes for Halloween, don’t forget this post:
The important are not the dates, but the download available (wich i have updated) wich contains a lobby skin, a rappy remodel (thanks to kra) and lobby music.