Ultima bribe title

What is bribery exactly? Bribery is an act of giving money or gift giving that alters the behavior of the recipient. In this case the recipient is the admin that goes by the nickname Larva. In most if not all communities the more you contribute, the higher the rank you will receive, you are good in the forum you may become a mod, if you help in-game you may become a GM, on my case i helped with some skins. Now this seems good right? You decide to help and then you may receive a higher rank. The problem is when there are 2 ppl that help and there is a confrontation between them.

Now, flaming  is normal on the forum, but in most cases it’s taken as a joke, (i really doubt a black man would be happy if someone called him a nigger, even if it was a joke) on a recent situation i got flamed by lee (flaming and trolling is typical), after reporting the situation nothing was done, so i decided to leave, after some chat with larva, he decided to ban lee because  of the insult. Now, this seems exactly what was expected right? Not quite, it seems the ban was only applied only to have me back, to have me return, at the time that pissed me right off and i still decided to leave.  This left Larva in a tricky situation because in the same problem 2 contributors were out, he tried to please one and that made both gone for a short time.
What does this means? It means that the more you give, the more you will be allowed to do, including flaming, trolling, usage of sexual vocabulary,  give false information, scam and even make others punished at threat of leaving.

Obviously not everyone is like that, this situation is caused because Larva wants as many supporters as possible, it’s either the server or  good moderation, in other words, punishments and ignored situations are managed so that everyone stays.
If you help with server related things then you are allowed to steamroll anyone in your way, but like it happened before, when 2 contributors collide both may end not contributing at all.

I still support the server, it’s amazing the time they have lasted,  it also has a transparent donation system in wich you can donate to receive items, everything is correct and so the server is 1 of the many that can be advertised on ragol.co.uk. Scamserv/shitserv/schthack/schtserv is the only server so far in wich it’s forbidden, meaning not being in the same sack as schthack is already a good thing.

Obviously i don’t want to help a staff that will  punish users just to keep me in, it’s not good for me or for anyone really, i will cease all help and skin helping on Ultima, just the fact of being credited for something there makes me ashamed of myself. Since this problem can never be solved by me then it’s better not to become involved.
This will probably piss Larva as this time there won’t be anyone to ban to keep me in, at the same time i will be happy because i won’t be related with someone’s punishment.

Does this happen on other communities? well, let’s take eden for example, it seems lee holds quite a good deals of bans even when I’m not around, meaning they decide to do it, they take the initiative and do it because it must be done.
Lee also posted his knowledge (or the lack of it) and trolled on L33tserv, so after the accumulated posts the admin was left with only 1 solution, a permanent ban, i mean, took some time but instead of tiny bans one big one was delivered.
These 2 communities are a role model for Ultima and there are probably many more.

Obviously helping the server regardless of what happens just to make ppl happy is indeed a valid argument, but maybe that’s the reason why not many help at Ultima, if ppl feel trashed and are flamed left and right, they wouldn’t feel that much of a desire to help out. Would you help out, would you give content to a server only to be flamed afterwards?

Ultima administrates the way they want, they feel happy doing things that way, but i won’t be dragged to justify a ban, sorry Ultima and good luck.
I guess i’ll still use my account, don’t know exactly what for.

Edit: It seems the trolling and flaming is even worse than i expected, at least that’s a lesson to me, if i support a server, then i need to visit frequently, it seems during all this time the community has degraded more and more, being the GMs nowhere near similar to the old GMs, if the community was adjusted, then i guess my support also needs to be adjusted. Since both the forum and the server suffer from problems then my best bet is to cease support.
Now i understand why other players left as well, i always tought it was isolated cases, with the GMs just trolling and flaming once, but no, it’s on a regular basis wich makes me think when did everything go wrong?
Still a good server to try out, but since both environments (server and forum) suffer from heavy flaming and trolling (many times started by the staff themselves) then i don’t see a reason to recommend the server from this point forward.
I decided to recheck all the links above to make sure the same won’t happen again, everything seems to be in order with the other communities, i know some aren’t perfect, but they still try to do a good work, Ultima however seems to dig deeper and with the admin blinded by so many things, it’s no wonder the server is filled with trolls.

My 1st decision to leave was indeed the correct one, i gave more than enough opportunities as i always considered them a nice bunch, now the “bunch” is limited to larva who can easily be bribed.