Top 5 skinners_2

For awhile i wanted to do this, there are many skinners for PSO and they are one of the reasons why ppl stay playing this game, it’s always refreshing seeing something new and these are the best for it.
I considered quantity as a factor but it doesn’t have the same weight as quality or variety, i also ignored the download count and like/dislike count, they are not trustworthy and skins never got uploaded at the same time, so older skins obviously have a higher count and general hate for a skinner often produces dislikes even if said user likes it and uses said skin.
They are in no particular order of any kind, these are the skinners in wich any skin is most likely to be good, in general any release is often very anticipated by players.

Gama – A friend and a great skinner, usually makes things for PSO BB with a general good taste and high quality stuff, often improving the general quality of the game, some of the ports i did (effects, hucasts) came from him, also offers many huds for download.

Colt1471 – A russian skinner with a very unique style, produces things that are vastly different from any other skins while maintaining a great quality. Some of the releases he made are not available on univers-ps download section, visit his topic, i’m sure you will like it.

Echelon – Interesting and clean skins, often simplistic to the point where they surpass anything else, while many of the textures are made by someone else, he still makes an effort to assemble them correctly in the game, so while other skinners skins have the general idea but look average, in this case you can see that the idea produced something really attractive for your eyes.

Kra – A unique skinner, ports models between versions and makes skins for both PSO v2 and PSO BB, doesn’t have many visual alteration skins, it’s mostly enemy models, char models, object models and so on, so things don’t have just a different texture, they are unique in that way.

Volos –  A friend and a mod at, very versatile when making any kind of visual alteration, his skins are mostly char related and are mostly very good ones. Hasn’t been active lately, but when he is the work is sublime.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t other great skinners out there but these deserve recognition for the exceptional work.


A Video i recorded with some edits such as background, ending images, music, font. A nice ending don’t you agree? I made this exclusively for myself, some changes may not appeal everyone and certain things affect more than just the ultimate ending