It seems there is yet another way to play PSO online, if you are an old PSO Ep1&2 GameCube/Xbox player then you probably saw that PSO v2 is difficult, ugly and outdated, that PSO BB is the most similar thing out there and that PSO ep1&2 requires a gamecube to be played online.
Pretty much all these statements are false, PSO v2 is an excellent alternative, PSO BB is far from the original game (mechanics, server-side saving, server modifications,….) and PSO ep1&2 can go online without an actual Gamecube.

Very recently the new  version of dolphin (a popular emulator) enables users to play PSO online, more changes were done but this one stands out. Now you can use the emulator to connect to your favorite server.
To wich server should you connect to if you really want to go forward with this? Pretty much only 1 viable option exists and that’s L33tserv, the combination of several factors (players, population, rules, administration) point out l33tserv as the best one, you are free to try others such as sylverant, but don’t expect much, the server already unmotivated several v2 players let alone GC players.
If you want just to play with a friend then any server will do i guess, but try not to go in blind if you plan on playing with someone else, make at least the effort in knowing if any GC player is on the server you plan connecting to.

The topic with the updates and download:

Game download:
Search the web, here’s one place you can get it

As for the connect procedure, here’s the steps, i have adjusted the content so the user can pick the server and know what to do.


  • Remember, you must have a legitimate copy of PSO for the Gamecube (well, specifically the serial number/access key to go with your legitimate copy of PSO for GC) to play on certain servers.
  • The guide is for Windows systems, but Dolphin will also work in a Linux environment (VPN part is different through).

Part 1:

  • First, register your legit Gamecube Serial Number / Access Key if the server requests it
  • Next step is to install “OpenVPN TAP Adapter V9”, at http://openvpn.net . I used the “OpenVPN 2.3_rc2” version. If Windows asks you if you trust the software, simply select “Yes.”
  • Go to Control Panel, Networks. Highlight both the icon created for “TAP-Win32 Adapter V9”, and the icon that is for your connection to the internet (mine is Local Area Connection, for example.) You should now be able to bridge the connections together. Once done successfully, you should get a new icon, “Network Bridge.”

Part 2:

  • Second, get Dolphin 3.5 and the game. Open Dolphin > Go to Options (at the top of the window) > Configure… > “Gamecube” tab > and for SP1 select “BBA”, then click “OK.”
  • Start PSO. If this is your first PSO file on your memory card, select NO when asked if you would like to return to the BIOS menu to set your date/time (selecting yes will crash Dolphin), and then agree to the terms. Your data will be created automatically.
  • Press Start and go to Options. (X is the default button for the Gamecube A button.) Now go to “Network Option” and then “Provider Option.” (Then select Yes.)
  • Choose a memory card to save your network information to. It can be either slot A or slot B, but if you didn’t set up a slot B earlier then slot A is your only option. Once this is done, go to “Network Setup.”
  • – Change “Automatically obtain an IP address (DHCP)” to “Manual IP Configuration”. If DHCP doesn’t work then try YMMV.
  • For “Line timeout (minutes)”, Disable this (“Do not automatically disconnect”.)
  • Use an IP that is not used in your network. In other words, do not put the same IP as your computer uses.
  • Select Manual DNS: Input the IP of the server
  • Click “Save” and “Return to Game.”

You’re pretty much ready to go. Go to “Online Game” and select (or make) your character. Agree to the terms and then input your Serial Number/Access Key/Password (can be any Password).


It’s true that it doesn’t have all the content i can view on the stats page, but it has the most important ones and some of them are quite recent, there are a few notes that i would like to make.

  • Some old posts are still popular, one of them being the cyan hud, a unique interface for PSO v2 made by me and made available to the public.
  • Drama related posts are more popular but they are also more focused, i have a few posts with my own opinion, advises and concerns but i have far more posts with skins, ports and other things for v2, so the views get spread throughout all the posts instead of being focused like the schthack scam related activities.

If you think i missed something, if you want to advertise your server or project then you are free to tell me and then i’ll decide if it’s worth it.

The comment system will stay the same,  i removed the inappropriate posts and replaced them with the reasons of why they were removed, this was to avoid “my comment got removed for no reason”, this way users are able to post without registering or without having previously approved posts and at the same time the haters lose motivation to post.

I don’t know if i will do many posts in 2013 or if many new things will appear in that year that are worth mentioning, but L33tserv projects, the increasing popularity of extremelegits server and atleast 2 skins that i may make for BB are all things to have in consideration.

For everyone that likes my work and my blog, i hope you have a happy 2013, enjoy the stats i made available.