Back when i did some credits edits i only cared for the visual part like the background or the images displayed, but in order to do something special for a friend i tought of changing the actual credit text, easier said then done, i didn’t knew how did the credits behaved so a trivial edit was more difficult than it seemed.I asked for help and Tofuman explained to me how credits worked and what was required to make them work and function properly, problem was that it required time even for the most simple of edits, something wrong would in the worst situation lead to a crash, in wich required you to look everything once more.

To simplify the hard part, tofuman created a text editor that is able to pick up the credits file and display it in a much simple way, it also enables you to save the file so it will work with PSO, you can use this for many different ends.

Before you download and go straight to edit titles and names there are a few things to have in mind, and some of them aren’t easy to detect:

Regular text is a title, this means it uses nearly all the possible characters, i can’t say you can use them all but the majority of the font can be used, it uses the file texttex_e.pvm, in my case it uses this font


Names are introduced by inserting “#” before the name, the name can only accept caps and a few other characters, numbers for example are limited to “0,1,2” as they are the only ones necessary to represent the year 2000 and 2001, if you want to add the number 3 to represent 2013 then you need to replace another character like the “,” in the texture file and then type “201,” in the editor
The file it uses is the ed128_font.prs


At the end of the file you will find a “*”, this determines when the credits end and will select the last 8 lines (blank spaces included) that will be displayed at the end, no further text will appear.
Keep in mind that the ending has 2 parts, one with the red ring spinning and another one with a sequence of images, you can never end the credits before the 2nd part, only when the 2nd part has begun can you end the credits, you can end the credits at anytime and even before the transition, but once the 2nd part begins then you will see 1 image at most, after that the credits will fade into black.

Last but not least is a character in the middle of the credits, this character cannot be removed otherwise the credits crash, so make sure to include it somewhere in the credits, it will not appear as text, it just needs to be in the editor. To find the character, go to “system r&d dept.” section and check the name “#YUKI■@YAMANAKA”
The symbol is the square looking one, you can delete the “@” and the rest of the name, but leave the “■”
If you delete and you are unable to revert back then reload the file and start over, the other option is to add the symbol’s hex code in the credits, wich will most likely alter many other things wich will also need to be checked manually, defeating the purpose of the editor and raising the chances of mistakes wich will lead to crashes.

I haven’t tested all the possibilities like using numbers, not using the “*” at the end, how long can the credits last, can we add more images to the ending,…..
Any Bugs you may find please contact tofuman at PSO eden server or contact me if you are unable to contact him, i will point him any bugs anyone finds.

The download also contains the original PSO v2 ending credits, any problem and you can just switch back.