valentines title

Similar to the cyan lobby i guess but the main color here is red. I tweaked a few textures to white and pinkish red and added a few hearts in some textures just because of the time of the year we are in.
In space i added a small moon and one big earth/ragol images, giving the idea that pionner is close to the planet.
Decided to add the lobby 6 lobby objects to the skin.
Happy valentine’s day.

Game Version:


Replace the data folder in
x:\xxxxxxxxxx\SEGA\Phantasy star online blue burst




Valentines lobby


There is another community in wich i have been helping lately and then i compared it with the other communities and servers, unlike i had initially expected, the server got more and more popular, lobbies are filling, games happen constantly and so on.
Thing is, i don’t know why, there seems to be some sort of magic formula for this but i don’t know what it is, the server is evolving and progressing at a rate that no other can compete, the server is mainly for PSO Blue Burst and has attracted many players so far.
What makes players pick this server is beyond me, but they seem to like it, they may have some difficulties with technical problems but they achieved far more than similar servers by using far fewer resources”.
So far the only thing similar to this is eden server, so if i support eden server and community then extremelegits deserves nothing less than my support, i have been seeing some of the decision-making regarding punishments or bans (yes, i was watching even if i didn’t say anything) and the way they act is exactly what is expected from the staff, strict but fair rules that are applied on everyone, there are no awkward situations, corruption or unfair decisions. The only community that reached this level is eden. There are many examples, but take sylverant or ultima, the decision-making is far behind compared with eden or extremelegits. Oposed to schtserv/scamserv administration wich works together to keep corruption inside, extremelegits staff works together to keep corruption out. They don’t just talk about what needs to be done, they simply do it and that earns my congratulations.

Maybe that’s the secret, maybe it’s the environment that is luring players there and i don’t mean just Brazilian players, all nationalities seem to be there. O_O
All Servers have problems, schtserv/scamserv has way to many problems, ultima invites users into a sexually explicit language (with a heavy dosage of flaming) forum and server, sylverant admins that do not take the consequences of the decisions they make and the fact they produce unreliable information, other servers are somehow unknown so they barely have anyone.
So even if i focus on the problems of extremelegits, i can’t really name or specify one, maybe a more organized forum and that’s it i guess.

If you are interested in checking it out, then visit the website:


Whithil XBR has been working on a project for some time, if you play PSO then you know that there are many servers, game versions and communities, for example, Bluecrab original idea for sylverant was to join communities and PSO players into just one place, but despite all the effort the community fragmented eventually and that happens for all sorts or reasons, sometimes there are communities within communities, small teams that do not interact with others, rules, divergence in opinions,… The project recognizes these situations and does not solve them, however, it gives anyone a place to talk about pso, it’s like the 1st website that you visit before playing in another server, the idea is to join all information like the registration pages or the game download of all servers into 1 location. You no longer search for a place to play, you check the website and it gives that info to you.
Whithil wants to create some sort of social network for PSO,PSU and maybe PSO2 players, this way players from any version would be able to meet players from other communities and servers, despite the difficulty that it may oppose, the website is available with a chat, so for now you can take the opportunity to give ideas and suggestions.

News for example may appear in more than one language to make it easier to understand.

It’s a bald move, but if this website brings PSOv2 players together then it’s worth a shot. Not just v2 players, but GC, PSU, PSO2 players and so on, you can for example advertise your server without having to start from scratch, you will have instantly a community that may play on your server.
It’s initiatives like these that keeps things going, including PSO.

Check it out, comment on the chatbox what you think and what should be improved.