Nighttime paradise skin worked really well on pso v2, all images worked the way i wanted and i eventually took some screenshot to recreate one of the ending images that exists in the game.While PSOBB provides a better resolution for the screenshots, i always wanted to do this on PSO v2 and while i actually did something you will notice i ain’t using the psycowand as in previous screenshots, there is a reason for that, i can attack it’s true, but the particles are not where i want them and they do not behave as i wanted to.

I did take some PSO BB screenshots, but they had a different purpose, it was more to show the skin on BB, to show a really high quality picture or in this example to take a unique screenshot of the area with red ring rico.Yes the image is great, considered by Fenrir as a heavily photoshoped image and a screenshot that cannot be taken in-game due to the absurd quality, but that’s not the point here, i have taken many screenshots like the one in the example, but i never posted them here because they aren’t that worthy if compared to the image i’m posting now.

I went back to PSOv2, the skin was improved when i released it, the clouds and the sky is in high res, the lightning is correct.

To resume:

Sega original image (Lowest res)
My initial attempt before releasing the skin (low res clouds, environment way to bright, image is in higher res compared to Sega’s image)

– The PSOV2 screenshot i took recently, enjoy



Ending image


Well, this was discussed with me in a game at Sylverant, i was warned by someone that a group of players could be on the move to somewhere else, as in to a different server, it’s nothing definitive and no server was mentioned, but the idea seems to be somewhere that isn’t sylverant.
There are a few reasons why i go to sylverant, sometimes it’s to check who is on, other times i simply test things or take screenshots, in this case any server will do, i can take screenshots even on my private server (don’t get any ideas, it’s just for me), sometimes i play with new players and other times i play with other legit players.
Now, if the majority of the legit players leave then sylverant only becomes useful to introduce the game to new players, i reached lvl 60 that way, but they are getting rarer and rarer, so finding a good game becomes even more difficult, because the ones that i usually play with are somewhere else.

I mean, if this group of players (many able to enter the royal trux locked games) leave then what am i going to do in sylverant? wait until new players join? take screenshots? I will most likely follow the trend and leave as well.
I can’t really quantify the number of players involved, but i was in a full team and we talked about players that weren’t in the game, so i guess this is slowly getting transmitted.
I guess ppl are following the admins advises, if they don’t like sylverant, they can leave, well, that’s what will happen i guess.
It’s not that i hate sylverant, but if  this group of players leave, then there isn’t any point in playing there anymore. (even if i rarely play)


I have updated the trainers for PSO v2 as i received new ones, some are pretty old and some i never saw them before, more stuff is never bad right?