It’s back up as “expected”.

This post is for both the lovers and the haters, so for the schthack lovers there are good news, schthack server is still operational, it may have a few problems here and there but it’s working for the ppl who can connect without issues, that means you still have access to a rootkit, scam related activities, corruption, hypocrisy, lack of moral and lack responsibility, so if you find these things interesting then go ahead and play, things are normal.

For the haters, i’m not really sure if this website shutdown is related to payments, some information tells that the website expired last month, one of the schthack staff tells it probably expired recently, like 1 or 2 days ago and some online information tells the website expires in 2014.

If the website expires in 2014 then why can’t you use it now? If it expired 2 months ago, then why has it stayed this long? Nonetheless i congratulate all the employees at hostgator for the fantastic job for taking down such website, i understand, you love the game and you love to trade and do auctions on the forum, well, in that case simply explain to the host why those are reasons to bring the website back up, i am sure they will neglect multiple TOS violations so you can “be happy”.
Ok, maybe you use the forum to report bugs that won’t be fixed or to ask for services that may or may not be delivered, i mean that’s fine, just don’t ask ppl to be as dumb as you are now.

Maybe the host needs more money to keep it running, as you know schthack clearly lacks money, if that’s the case then donate, but again don’t force ppl to be as naive as you are.

To celebrate the downtime i decided to post 2 videos, my approach however is different, you may not be used to it if you’re a schthack lover, but so far i never received complains so that tells me that i may be on the right track.
To view these videos you do not need rootkits, you do not need to donate or pay me anything, i won’t scam you and i can assure you it’s legal to post these videos, it may come as a shock but i ain’t like schthack staff, i know you are now in shock, simply breed and enjoy.

Before the particles were like this, i avoided them completely, otherwise you would notice that they weren’t right, nonetheless i took a screenshot, this particular screenshot may please Fenrir (staff at schthack) because it’s the biggest PSO screenshot taken so far, i would go even further but i can’t take screenshots higher than this without crashing the game.
I mean for you it may be a screenshot, for Fenrir this may be the best Photoshop image work to date, i can guarantee to you, he would drool, just do not post this screenshot on the schthack forums if they come back up, you may get banned for not posting a PSO screenshot.

Click to view full size, beware, image is very big.




The videos were recorded in HD (widescreen) on PSO v2, i use atm a modified executable that had at the start a change in the resolution and field of view, now the majority of the particles are also using the new res, they grew in proportion, they animate the same way and are centered in the correct position.

Can the game run at higher res? yes, but FOV also plays a part in this, if you think you can run PSO in 3 screens at the same time, then i can tell you the FOV would make the game black (you would be able to see your hp and tp and nothing more, i do mean nothing more)

I only know were to change the res and the FOV, everything else regarding the particles i do not know yet, it seems the game has been changed a lot more than i expected so i ain’t sure where you define “screen centers” and “particles sizes” so for now the best i have are these videos, enjoy.

Credits to jackfuste from widescreen gamming for making this possible