I haven’t done anything worthwhile recently, but i made a few changes that are somehow important:

  • 3/4 of all posts have now categories, namely videos, images, info, opinion, skins, sounds,….This means you can now check all posts with skins in them or all posts with videos or images, might be better than to use the search function.
  • Updated some old download links, you can now download the forest lobby skin (v2)  or the cyan mines skin (BB) by actually visiting the post, megaupload doesn’t exist anymore so those links needed to be changed.
  • Fixed some missing images, from time to time some images fail to appear, either that or they have been resized to 800×600, imageshack isn’t perfect i guess.
  • Removed PSO servers link, project is not advancing atm and the webpage was removed.
  • Added my Deviant art page link, you can download a wide variety of images, those include great quality pictures of PSO BB, widescreen images of PSO v2 (for example a picture of a npc) and even the biggest PSO screenshot ever taken.


Yes, i have been taking some widescreen screenshots of npcs in PSO v2, it’s not much, but they do have more quality when compared with the original 640×480 game, don’t believe me, then check for yourself.


I’ve decided to make a Mega Pack with all my skins until now, reference to original authors or ideas are mentioned here in this blog, this pack only offers the files that were made available to the public, they do not have personal modifications or test skins i made, all content here is working and they are the final version.

Things like this or this are not included, if you want i can give a link for download for you, but i doubt many ppl would enjoy seeing my char in the credits.I accept ideas and requests as long they aren’t very complicated, maybe you have a very sweet background that can be used in the ending, or maybe a sonic / sega logo that you simply love.

The pack is big (60 MB) as it contains all the skins, it’s just an alternative incase you don’t want to download 1 by 1 from the blog or from univers-ps.

K_I_R_E_E_K PSO Mega Skin Pack


Skins in this pack:


  • Valentines lobby 1
  • PSO2 title screen (alpha)
  • PSO2 title screen (final)
  • Nighttime paradise
  • Cyan Ultimate Mines
  • Frozen Cyan Ultimate mines
  • Cyan lobby (simple)
  • Cyan lobby (high res space images)
  • Cyan lobby (high res space + aquariums)
  • Blood textures


  • Valentines lobby
  • Halloween lobby
  • Ruins lobby
  • Forest lobby
  • Light lobby
  • PSO Ep3 lobby
  • PSU Forest
  • PSO2 Ultimate Forest
  • PSO2 title screen
  • PSO2 rappy
  • PSO2 font
  • PSO High res font
  • Pioneer 2 high res images
  • Nighttime paradise
  • Misc ending
  • Lynx Font
  • Infected  Ultimate Caves 2
  • Gama’s Metal Hucasts
  • Frozen cyan ultimate mines
  • Freeze effect
  • Dark Falz high res
  • Cyan Ultimate mines
  • Cyan hud
  • Forte’s Box skins
  • Blood textures
  • Ruins menu Background
  • High res particles