PSO V2 title

The following exe files allow you to play PSO v2 (pc) in a higher resolution, this is a demo version so you can feel and see what is wrong and what is right, this is not definitive work and was made merely to demonstrate the concept.

This began a long time ago, but i never went very far, eventually i asked at eden on how to approach this, i gave the 1st step rather quickly, but i was unable to keep going and so i asked for help at a community that does this on a daily basis, i came across someone who doesn’t seem to be a PSO player, but he knew more about widescreen than i ever imagined, in a short amount of time i saw the game in widescreen and in a higher res.

From the very basic demo, i took plenty of screenshots of pso v2 that exceed the quality in PSO BB, here’s a comparison between the regular PSO v2 and one in 16:10 at 1680×1050


Exe info:
– I do not believe they have other patches other than window mode or no window mode, meaning this works like the default pso.exe
– No server ip (cannot connect online)
– No mouse support

Before proceeding, backup pso.exe located in

To play a higher resolution version of PSO v2, navigate the folders, 1st set of folders you decide which Operating System you have, 2nd set of folders will decide window mode or fullscreen.
Window mode even in an unsupported resolution may work, but i can’t guarantee that this will happen on all cases.
3rd set of folders decides aspect ratio and the final one will decide the resolution.
I know there are more aspect ratios and resolutions, but again, this is a demo, please use what is available

Once you reached the final folder you will find a single file named “pso.exe” simply drag and drop the file into the location of your pso.exe

Known issues:
– Background images do not stretch/scale and are off-center
– User interface does not stretch/scale and is off-center
– Main menu in-game does not display black background (not really an issue)
– Area Map uses the entire screen
– Particles, techs, damage values do not scale and are off-center
– player arrow and map are zoomed in

Other info:
– If you plan on connecting online, please use ip patch and insert the ip, by default these exe files do not connect to any server (reason: being neutral)
– Patches are possible, maybe in the future when more alterations are in place, this way is simple but requires multiple exe files, the more the resolutions and the more the support, the higher the number of exe files required to satisfy the players.
– Yes, there is a version that is more advanced then the ones available here, particles scale and are centered, but only for 1 resolution, i do not know how to change that…..yet

– SEGA for making the game
– jackfuste for the widescreen
– K_I_R_E_E_K for making several resolutions available

Special thanks:
– Tofuman for the hints before i contacted jackfuste
– Aurelli for testing Windows 7 compatibility


I already did personal/custom requests (such as specific resolutions), i am not in the mood to do them, so if you have a personal request, please justify it with a reason as to why the exes in this download do not suit you, this is a demonstration for a concept that may appear in the future, i was already kind enough to give this many exes, including full-screen, window mode, windows vista/7 compatibility and some common resolutions, if you simply want to see the concept and have no justification for a new res, then do not request, download the ones available.

Could i share this elsewhere? possibly, but where exactly?

PSO palace – out of the question, something that doesn’t exist on such place is considered broken by default, an example is the exes available on pso palace and dreamcast talk, despite being the same for the most part the exes at dreamcast talk were blamed when players had trouble playing the game, this resulted in aleronives suggesting the same exes on a different download link to solve the problem, as you might realise, it didn’t solve it.

Dreamcast talk – As a community that wants hypocritical and false info, posting this there makes no sense, they want content that i cannot provide, with that this content is unwanted there.

Online consoles – A nice place, but in the best situation it would take 6 months to post things there and 6 months for you to gain access, also the content there becomes exclusive and cannot be released elsewhere, that’s not my objective, that’s why it’s here, for everyone to use it.

Sylverant forum – probably the best place, until you realize it has ives who thinks everything outside his website is broken and impulse, who wants content i don’t have, who am i to oppose them, if they don’t want it, i won’t post it.
Bluecrab may not think like that you say? but that’s 1 admin of the 3 there, if the majority says this content is broken and that the info provided here isn’t false (and impulse wants false stuff), then i can’t do anything.

Schtserv/Scamserv/Shitserv  – My name is in the credits so that pretty much tells you not to post things there.

Other communities – well, that is an option, feel free to do it if you want.

I just gave this info because while you may feel hyped, that may not be the case for everyone, so post this on a place where it fits and is accepted by the community.
While my participation in this is next to nothing, never forget to mention jackfuste for his work, you can omit my name in the credits if you wish, but don’t do that for the person that made this possible.