halloween title

I said i would release 2 skins this year didn’t i? Sorry if this was delayed, been busy with other games and with real life, but now it is done. It’s nothing special, it’s merely a variation of the cyan lobby or the valentine’s lobby, lobby main colors are orange, changed the overall lightning and replaced the white birds with bats. 😀
Some textures from valentine’s lobby weren’t changed like the big earth and the tiny (far away) moon.

Game Version:


Replace the data folder in
x:\xxxxxxxxxx\SEGA\Phantasy star online blue burst





Updates on the blog:

  • Removed the link of extremelegits at the top, do not be concerned, i still support the community, but the forums and the website offer very little when compared with others, with that i cannot recommend the website, once the forums get straighten out with good content, good moderation and good members then the link may appear again.
  • Fixed a few broken links, mostly related with imageshack images disappearing out of nowhere, still need to fix a few that are left.
  • Changed the background, like it? then check the full size picture here
  • Added categories tab for easy search for posts that may contain videos, skins, images, opinions,….
  • Future updates regarding PSO GC with new particles, widescreen view may be covered in the future, that and l33tserv website updates, but 1st i need to inform myself a little bit better.