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While not directly related with PSO, the dreamcast is where it all began, when i started playing PSO, this was the system i used and like many i was a newbie, heck i didn’t even understand how come on the back of the PSO case there were players at lvl +100 when i was gaining so little at the start, little did i knew that there were 4 difficulties and that the game took more time than i anticipated, but it was fun.

From there i got better and even got to lvl 200, i always assumed that as a trivial achievement, but when players started to doubt my level or the amount of time it took me to get there, then at that moment i realized reaching lvl 200 wasn’t an easy task and i did something rare, during all this time i played many other games like Ecco, Sonic adventure, Soul calibur, all of that on this system.I guess i can say that the dreamcast was my partner in PSO and in other games, i may use other versions of the PSO game to take screenshots, test things like skins and even socialize, but many out there recognize me mainly because i played the pso v2 on the dreamcast.

I got interested in the dreamcast communities and even followed guides on devcast to mod my dc, the mods were pretty basic, like main led switch and where to connect more leds.

Well recently i was disappointed at my dc, it wasn’t exactly white (sun made it yellowish on the front), main led didn’t work, so i decided to do a makeover, a serious one.

I got a vinyl skin for my dreamcast, my 1st idea was to use a PSO screenshot, but then i realized i had something better, something more personal, i used one of my desktops images that i had, it was simple, it had a pattern and a unique K logo that i made.
This alone wasn’t enough, i used black paint for the edges and corners and then silver and transparent blue on some parts like the buttons, one layer of silver paint and then transparent blue, not both at the same time.
Coupled with some led mods and it was done, a nice dark dreamcast with a pattern, a logo and some non orange led light

Why am i posting this here? Well, i know there are many dreamcast fans out there and i also know a dreamcast like this doesn’t appear often, so in a way I’m sharing my joy, I’m sure many out there will like it aswell, this is definitely something you don’t see everyday.


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