Good bad title

As you might see at the top, i sometimes redirect user to communities or websites that i particularly like, these are always changing, not because i want, but because it’s necessary, sometimes certain communities just backstab those who supported it or because the orientation is no longer the same, sometimes the common goal often means bad moderation and many other issues, sometimes they complain that i may have been harsh when it’ completely the opposite, when i close my eyes to many of the issues, they only become bigger, so they can’t really complain when i do my very best to say the best things about the community, but like everyone, i have limits.

Recommendations or mentions have different levels and vary from community to community, sometimes i link, sometimes i participate and help, sometimes i only mention and very rarely i actively oppose even mentioning said community.

If you ask anyone a PSO server where they could play, they will say schthack, if you asked me the same question some time ago i would say onlineconsoles, dc-talk, sylverant, eden, ultima, izakaya and so on, so i try to mention all servers and their qualities because i treat them as if they were on the same level, this is rare, you don’t find many ppl doing this.
Now i would say the same thing, but i would omit schthack, so schthack is on the lowest level of support, every time i mention it, it’s to say something bad, on the other hand we have the highest level of support like eden or the old, they want something then i will give it, they may not be perfect, but i am there to help them out.

Then there is everything else, a link on the top does not mean i fully support said community (sylverant is an example) and if i don’t link to it then it doesn’t mean i hate it (extremelegits is an example), websites must have something that is worth the time of going there, this all sounds good but an issue appeared recently and in a way they were right.

Some ppl questioned me as too why i “supported” sylverant and why wasn’t extremelegits legits supported?
I know how someone must feel to try their very best, not receiving recognition and then looking near them and see sylverant with all its flaws being linked, that is a letdown and my morality was questioned.
On this blog i can’t really represent the support i give to the communities the way ppl want, best i can do here is post a link, but that may represent good/bad, hate/love, support/no support to some users, i understand that and that is why links are added or removed, I’m always checking the communities for problems or good things.
Just keep in mind that despite me linking to a website does not mean they all share the same level of support.

Not receiving support also means you cannot use certain things that i made (skins, screenshots,…) to promote events, servers and so on, for the most part anyone is free to use these resources even without asking, but the tide may change if you don’t get enough support or if you use them without my consensus to promote dubious content (like servers where profit is the only goal) , sylverant for example can’t ask me for help or resources, ultima also can’t use my screenshots to promote events, this obviously is a case by case situation and more communities are inserted as the ones that do not receive any help whatsoever.

To summarize this and given how sylverant started and how it is now, i will link to it, i still think it’s a nice server to play pso, but you must follow your own path, if you start getting interested, talking to gms and such then you will find out how bad, confusing and awkward things are, so sylverant is linked but may be removed at any time.
Extremelegits was removed for the lack of organization, content and a few bad moderation issues, but now they are getting back on track, with servers, organization and better moderation, it’s a clear example of effort that must be rewarded so i will link to them in the future.

I will add univers-ps to the list of supported websites, the only single issue i see so far is that they focus only and exclusively on schthack stuff, such as schthack has an event, schthack doesn’t have an event, schthack is bugged, schthack is not bugged, schthack is offline, schthack is online and so on. Maybe sharing events of ultima and eden could be a nice idea, but that’s just my opinion, other than that, largest pso v2/pso bb skin repository available, lot’s data regarding many phantasy star games.

If you think you know a good PSO website i should check out, please mention it in the comments so i can check it, for example I’m thinking of checking the russian pso bb website, but that will take time, language barriers are always an issue.


As usual i make some Blog stats available after each year, i cannot give all the information i can read, that is only for me, but some of the most interesting stats are here for you to check out.

This blog isn’t popular or anything, but i sometimes like to speak about certain things as they are also a reference i can use in the future.

As always, happy New year to everyone.

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