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WordPress suggests that i should focus on the things that brings users here, i have a few ideas (like the cyan hud, should get a quality improvement soon) but now I’m going to focus on schthack.
Now, some people say that i bash schthack users way to often, but that is exactly the opposite, i only mention a few things and I’m sure everyone has a fun story to tell, i can’t make a  review on all the comments or actions that happen, but since people say i bash too much then I’m gonna bash some more, I’ll make sure to mention names and explain these situation with decent detail.

Recently schthack has been having issues as usual, outside interference, now, i may not like broomop but there are also several ppl that i don’t like as well, namely lee, crono and in general the entire schthack staff team, they are all the same with slight “tweaks”.
Crono appeared (considered by many as a miracle) and spoke a few things about the state of the server, however he was very unhappy with one of the few things he said, I’ll quote.

Broom just wants people to move over to his trojan/virus infested server. The most terrible way possible is to deny PSO players their PSO fun imo. Why would anyone want to move there when he is the cause of this to begin with? You never see us doing anything to any other servers. In fact, Lee even helps with other servers sometimes. If broom wasn’t such a douche bag, he’d be alright, but that isn’t the case.

1st of all and while the goal of broomops servers is to gain revenue (which is correctly advertised, unlike schthack donation system, while we can complain about things not being delivered, this can never come from a schthack staff member, as the donation topic is filled with complains), i doubt trojans and viruses exist when the goal is actually to make you spend money on premium accounts and items, but whatever, that’s not the main point.

Schthack staff has already affected other servers, namely the one at dc-talk, with permission of the schthack staff, if the admins are lee and crono, then both are the blame even if lee was the only one doing the following

The letter sent to Dreamcast-Talk web host to try and get the site shutdown.
The Denial of Service Attacks to the Dreamcast-Talk PSO Server.  and  Manual fill of the ban list with all the Players so that they couldn’t connect.
The Server Exploits used to Attack the Dreamcast-Talk PSO Server.
The SQL hacking of Dreamcast Talk web forums.
SCHT Member social engineering their way into our private sub forums

In other words, lee, an admin of schthack has tried to bring down servers and forums, denying the alternative that existed after schthack (dc-talk servers for pso v2), not only ddos was issued, according to him because all the softwares we were using, none actually had permission to be used, none of that however justified the attempt to try to get the website shutdown and sql hacking, i know that the letter never contained any mention of software ownership, it simply told that we had a private server that wasn’t allowed by sega, yes you are correct, lee complained to the host that we had a PSO private server, i mean, woopty doo, you don’t often see a PSO private server right?

Sure players couldn’t connect, but all the issues were solved one after the other rather quickly, just like the broomop incidents, they happen but they never actually stop the goal of PSO players of having fun, eventually you will play, either at schthack or somewhere else.

So, we never see schthack staff affecting other servers? wtf crono, you drunk?

Keep in mind, schthack staff team (lee) bragged about this, of every single thing they did, they announced, confirmed and even announced the next thing they would do, it was easy to point who was the blame when they communicated to you that the ship was down because of the DDOS he did.

Now it is true that lee helps other communities, but he makes so obvious and overwhelming that you need to repay him somehow, ultima server suffered this fate and trolling is widely spread, with no consequences, because hey, he made an item to the server. Other communities also accepted his input, but they kept things fair for all members, the result was obvious, he became powerless, bans due to flaming, trolling, inappropriate conduct  and spam arrived.I know personally this kind of person, they only help because they want something from you, however some ppl resist so the attempts are futile, it’s a smart move but doesn’t always work.

Like mentioned before, sometimes ppl decide to help PSO players with all kinds of features, like new servers, disks, skins and so on. One person made an autoconnect disk, this was bashed by schthack staff, namely Aleronives, many other moderators decided not to care such as Leona and Blues (Glyde Garrett), now this could have been because proof was required, well i decided to bring proof, but a moderator by the name of Rufus  decided not only to delete the posts, but to actually lock the topic, many of the staff members agreed with this or decided not to care, mods did this, mods allowed it and so did the admins, they share a part in this, they never fixed this.
A user decided to make the autoconnect disk and it was for schthack server, but after the bashing and the flagging of his iso on websites to take the iso down, he turned to dc-talk where he was more than welcomed, Aleronives at this point became pissed and said “this is why nothing gets done”. (refers to the fact that people don’t share the tools despite them actually sharing them, usually this involves in users not coming with guns and rockets firing like aleronives did)
Players, tried helping the server, with tools and many other things, not only they oppose it, they actively want to bring it down, it’s either servers, autoconnect disks and so on, in the end they expect that after the insults, ppl are willing to share.

Honestly, would you share something with schthack if you received DDOS to prevent you from playing, Bans to prevent you from playing, exploits to prevent you from playing, letters to prevent you from playing, insults to your hard work, i mean, it takes a saint to actually comply to this, none was found so far.

To BLutenleise and everyone involved, if you’re reading this, i will never forget your work, you made an easy way to connect online and i had a lot of fun thanks to you.

Crono doesn’t say a lot does he? I must say that was a shameful post, he couldn’t have been more hypocritical if he tried, the little he posts comes like this, it’s simply pathetic, i lack words to describe it.

Let’s say i make a skin and you bash it, you try to dos me because you felt like it and you try to take the skin down, afterwards you want me to make a skin for you, what do you expect as a reply?
Even broomop got a skin from me, how fucking low can schthack staff and everyone around them go, when even broomop, the “bad guy” in this comment got one.

Sure broomop isn’t the best guy around, but schthack staff team and crono should stop pretending to be the good guys