Not that it’s very important, but sometimes i try to check if there is a screenshot that deserves to be taken, if you have seen my deviant art you probably saw several screenshots of the areas and one in particular deserved several angles and even a skin, yes, I’m talking about the dark falz arena with and without rico’s spirit.

It’s an interesting NPC, doesn’t really correspond to any class available in the game and you only see fragments of her personality and appearance, sure you can force her to make an appearance by playing as the npc or by making her spirit appear at the monument in the end of the game and that’s exactly what i did for the screenshots.

She’s not the only NPC i’ve taken screenshots, shino, elenor, kireek, ash also make an appearance, because they represent PSO a lot more than just a random screen.
Now i know there are several images that are intriguing even tough the quality is low, namely the mage at the monument, rico at the monument or in this case bellow rico being near the principle.

If you have an idea for a screenshot of this magnitude, let me know, if there is a npc that deserves something like this then simply comment your idea.
Custom resolutions, custom angles and/or custom skins can be applied.

Original image

The screenshot i tried to recreate (beware, image is big)

unfortunately i can’t do nothing about the hair, but i did improve her texture on the body, I’ve raised the resolution and applied a filter to smooth the image, making things a bit more appealing to the eyes.

If you probably noticed, I’ve used several high res images here (rico’s body and PSO font text panel), this is not the 1st time, some screenshots i take have a skin of some sort, those sometimes happen to have  higher quality textures, if you look at Kireek npc screenshot, you’ll notice I’m using gama’s hucast skins, same way screenshots in pioneer may also have high res textures.

If you want rico’s high res skin then i can make it available,

– For Pso V2 select the file in the PSO v2 folder and drop the file in:

– For PSO BB select the file in the PSO BB folder and drop the file in:
X:\XXXXXXXXX\SEGA\Phantasy star online blue burst\data


I have taken many other screenshots, not sure if I’ll upload all of them on deviant art, but i have them in any case, it’s not often that you see 2560×1600 screenshots of PSO v2
(Dragon arena doesn’t have bloom as that would make the image way to bright)

If you’re more interested in red ring rico, then there are more pictures at my deviant art, obviously not in the same res, but still decent, heck might even use one for my background.




– Change of image hosting service, imageshack is no longer free and images tend to break or disappear for no reason.

– Fixing images in blog that have been breaking or resized

– May change background in blog in the near future